Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I've Moved To Wordpress

Ok, so I've moved to Wordpress and this is the last post you will ever see on this dear old bloggy of mine. Blogger has been so good to me. I've been here almost 5 years.... built a house through this blog , built a full time business through this blog, built a new career through this blog, built a new life through this blog , built life-long friendships through this blog. What more could I ask for?
Thank you Blogger.

So all you have to do, to move with me, is:

1. Change your sidebar link to my blog, if you have me on your blog roll on your blog, to:

2. If you don't see me in your readers any more, update your feed to:

3. Blow a farewell kiss to 'blogger' and come on over!

Cue the sound of crickets.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Feel Like Shopping This Morning?

I have some new advertisers here on the blog, so I thought this morning I would personally introduce you all. Firstly, say hello to 'The Butterfly House'.  This beautiful online store and events business has some divine summer fashions. I am seriously in love with these....

Great by the pool or dressed up with jeans.
I am going to look out that Fedora hat I picked up in New York to wear with this beauty.

Same. Seriously gorgeous!

Ditto by the pool. Click HERE for the belted up version!
It even has a slip to wear underneath.

I love these too. They also come in black. HERE

Check out all of Deb's goodies HERE. 

Now you all know Janette, from My Sweet Prints? Well, she has expanded her talents to beautiful collections of botanical, butterfly and coral illustrations, sourced from vintage journals dating back to the 1800's. They can be found under her new brand, 'Nature In Print', HERE.

I would love to hang this beauty in my next study!

I can see this lovely set of three in a pretty powder room or laundry/mudroom, next to a glamorous potting bench.

'Nature In Print' is available online, HERE

Ivy and Piper have arrived here too!

They have gorgeous cushions, wallpaper and fabulous fabrics, like this one... which has to feature in my next black and white study as cushions, on my black wing chairs..... that are patiently waiting for their next home. Or maybe I might recover both chairs in it.... wouldn't they make a statement?! Hmmm.

They even have PJ's in their own signature print!

Ivy and Piper also have a fabulous online magazine which is coveted by all HERE.

Frost and Co make easy to apply glass film, that creates privacy while still letting in light. You can choose from their plain film or any of their many designs which are custom cut to your specifications. The film is completely removable without damaging your glass.  They have some beautiful graphics to choose from. 

Isn't this a lovely idea for a glass fronted front door?!..... 'A-M's House'.
More designs HERE.

Boy's room!

Girl's room!

They even have blackboard film. Oh yeah.... the possibilities are endless!

So my bloggy sidebar is looking rather lovely with all these divine online stores. Aren't I lucky?!

Here are some quick links to my other trusty sponsors, if you are in a Monday morning shopping mood.

 Stylish homewares, gifts, interior design.
              The White Shed 

 'Creative paper and fabric design'.
                Mondo Cherry 

 Elegant stationery.
                  French Navy

 Lovely wall art.
             Twine and Teacups

 Gorgeous coastal inspired homewares and gifts.
      Coast & Country Homewares

 Stylish online homewares, interiors and event styling business.
            McCarthy Designs

 'Original art for the home, nursery and heart'.
            My Sweet Prints

 A great place for decorating tips, ideas and a chat.
          The Decorating Forum

 'National independent design market featuring local creative talent'.
            Boutique Markets

 Australian painting network for painters.
            Home Painters Info

 Gorgeous blog, website and social media design.
                The Media Maid

 Boutique architectural design firm.
                              Phil Darwen Design

 For all your town planning needs.
                     Clegg Town Planners

...and last but not least, there's me! 

 Yeah, lights!
          Cape Cod Designs 

Well, I have broken all the rules wrt picture limit and possibly word limit... but it all had to be said. Enjoy the talents of my lovely sponsors. Thank you for your support!

Happy Monday!


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Checking In

Sorry the blog posts have been few and far between these last couple of weeks. You know how they say, "something's gotta give", when you work and mother and housework (rather badly) and work and work?... well my poor blog has been quietly tending to itself while we have been settling back into the school/work routine. I think I have my act together now and over the next week or so will be moving everything here over to my new Wordpress site that Katrina has kindly set up for me. I also believe in the saying, "if you don't have anything to say, don't say it".. is that a saying? It is now. Between work and school, there's been not much interesting stuff to say.... it's just been school lunches and #mylifeinthecar and work and shed and couriers and boxes (my life is boxes) and emails and piano lessons and emergency school shirt ironing... you know the drum.

What do you do when you don't have the time to blog?..... when you get so busy and focussed you forget to even smile until someone smiles at you? I love the idea that Karen, from 'The Art Of Doing Stuff', came up with, as she needed some time away from her blog to get stuff done. She got her blog readers to write a story, starting with, "It was a dark and stormy night......". Head on over there for some great Saturday morning reading. It's hilarious! Her readers have a great collective sense of humour! Can't wait to see how it ends.... or it might never! HERE.

Happy Saturday! We're doing Michel Thomas' family French lessons this morning....we've got 9 weeks to get fluent... all of us, especially little peanut allergy boy... he has to be super diligent in another language.... and country. We're off on a big adventure. Tell you all about it soon.


Thursday, October 11, 2012


'Little one' started his new school this week.... and has experienced a great life lesson in 'change'. He has embraced it all, with gusto. It's been so wonderful to watch him blossom over only a few days. He's been positively joyous at school pick up, rattling off all the happenings amongst his new class and new friends. His smile is as wide as it's ever been. Breathe out!

"Twenty kids sat with me at lunch today"
"We're allowed to play before school!!!!"
"A girl asked me what my favourite colour is" (first experience with co-ed!)
"The girls sit around and divide their hair into 3 strands and put it all together" (has never seen a plait before!)
"4B are really upset that they didn't get me"
"The teacher doesn't yell or scream AT ALL and the kids are REALLY good in class...she just looks at them, like this, if they are being a bit too rowdy and they all get really quiet and sit up straight, she doesn't have to scream at all" (the screaming really got to him last time)
"I think I am a celebrity as everyone wants to play with me"
"We're all allowed to get a snack at 10, to eat at our desk, so we don't faint before morning tea!!" (he didn't cope well with the 6.30am-11.00am gap between meals)
"I like learning more I think, it's more fun"
"Had Japanese today. They are way more ahead of us. I didn't understand a thing.... but it's good"
"I asked some boys to stop blocking the slippery slide and they said, 'sure'... they're so polite"
"Everyone is calm, the whole school feels really calm"
"The Principal plays soccer with us at lunch time"
"They have a school disco!!!!!... AND a fete!!!!"
"You were right Mum, it feels like I have been here forever now"

'Mouths of babes'. You can't get better than that. I am taking ALL the credit for finding the school. It was all me! #pattingselfonback

The #mylifeinthecar situation is going to be a challenge over the next 8 weeks while I have 2 boys at different schools, on the opposite sides of town, but I'll drive/wait for/ do anything just to have happy boys. Things will settle down again next year when big son starts his IB Senior School in the same suburb as little one's school next year (he got in!... passed the 5 hour exam and the interview... the stress of it was a long wait to find out)....then we'll move house to be closer to the schools.

It's all happening. Change. It's good.

As I said to my youngest, on his first day at school on Monday, "son, that's one thing that is guaranteed in life... 'change'.... get used to it... embrace it".

He was so brave on his first day. He dug deep.  He embraced it.

So damn proud.


Monday, October 8, 2012

My Masters Outdoor Room Makeover

Righto, I've been living in this 'made-over' outdoor space of mine for a week or so now, thanks to Masters Home Improvement, so I think it's time for me to share with you my new favourite living space in my home!

Here's a rather woeful 'before shot', featuring 'woeful niece'.....

... and stinky soccer boots...

 Here's the after!

Oh how I stalked that Masters website, waiting for their 'new season' outdoor furniture stock to come in, hoping that the most coveted 'Romeo' outdoors chairs weren't the last on the delivery truck for the new season! 

Late last week they finally arrived and I pounced! I ordered them online immediately, so as not to miss out, just in case hundreds of people were stalking along with me, but I arranged to pick them up from the store to save on delivery costs. I wanted to spend every last cent of my Masters vouchers on pretties.

Behold their magnificence! (Ref: FF, 2010) 
They are wrought iron, solid as and, at $135 each, a fantastic quality buy.

In deciding what I would purchase for my outdoor room makeover, I kept in mind that it all needed to be portable as we move lots! My furniture choices also had to fit into any design aesthetic I may be embracing in future digs.... Hamptons, French Provincial. Once I spied the classic lines of the Romeo chairs and saw that the included cushions were piped!, I decided that a leafy French Provincial courtyard dining area was the go...... somewhere nice I could blog from in the mornings too!

I decided on a 4 seater table setting, mainly due to the small size of the area.... but also keeping in mind that anywhere I live in future I would always be able to use a classical 4 seater setting.... in another courtyard or down amongst the fairies in a pretty garden.

I went to town with the pots. 
I needed to draw the attention away from the underwhelming fence, not highlight it with anything.

I snapped up a few of these beauties, in which I potted the instant hedge plants and the lavender and herbs, all from Masters. They are fabulous pots in real life... textured and rustic.

.... and I couldn't resist these either!

I picked up the table for $69! I didn't put a cloth on it in the photos so you could see it's detail. I chose it for it's price and curves and the fact that it is simple in style and doesn't take any focus off the chairs. It's solid too!.... won't blow away in our summer storms!

See the white filigree, round, clay thingy? That's a solar powered table light. It has a solar panel on the top that you leave in the sun and as soon as the sun sets, it turns itself on! You can choose to set it to either white or rainbow colours. The rainbow colours are a hit with the offspring.

Solar Filigree Table Light

I found the elegant 'half mat', near the door, at Masters too.... $10! Perfect size for a little courtyard. It hasn't made it to the website yet. More and more products are being loaded up every day as they arrive in store. 

The patterned dinner plates were $3 each from 'Earthborn' (current sale stock) and the glass dessert bowls, dinner plates and place mats are my own. They were originally from Wheel and Barrow. The napkins are from 'Thea and Sami', Thea's Marine range, hand printed here in Brisbane. The navy floral cushions are from 'Fabric Traders', who also have an online store HERE. The beige linen and paisley cushions are from Cape Cod Designs (that would be me). So is the iron side table, hurricane lantern and the floor cushions (Cape Cod Designs, moi). Flowers were from 'Stem - Flowers and Beautiful Things' in Graceville.

So there you have it, my new 'Outdoor Room'. Thank you so much Masters for giving me the opportunity and the vouchers! to make over my dull courtyard. I have an inspiring place in which to blog and a cool spot for our summer dinners!

And in breaking news, the winner of the $500 Masters Gift Voucher was chosen by Masters, from my short list of three. It is Karyn, who wrote:

Karyn is going to use her Masters voucher to finish her powder room and outdoor patio area.

Karyn finally chose the Del Terra Steel Cushioned Dining Chair Set to finish off her outdoor area. 6 for $280! HERE.

And for her bathroom, she is going to wallpaper with Vintage Art Wallpaper.... $49.97/roll....

.... gorgeous!

.... hang this beautiful mirror.... $149, HERE....

... and finish with some stylish fixtures, HERE.

Hooray for Masters. I'm totally hooked. So many quality products. They have everything you need to improve your home. Here's their website if you need to start shopping now. It's such an site easy to use.

Herbs are happy in their new sunny spot.....

.... and so am I!