Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hey, Where'd Everybody Go?

..... well they were 'furiously painting'.

So we have 17 days to go, we're waiting on the painting to be done, in order to get moving on the inside fit out, and today?.......... no painters.

Hmmm... slight rush guys.... we have a lease ending very soon and no where to live after that..... so lets get this party started.

Some more photos.....another view of the hall in the morning light. That's the Great Room on the right, waiting for a fireplace and cabinetry........and paint and a clean floor.... and wallpaper and curtains... oh stop. Sorry about the angle... I'm not a photographer. I love the light in this home, at all times of the day. That's a good sign isn't it!

Another view of our ensuite bathroom, showing the cornice work on all the corners. Nice skirting Iain! Robe is around to the right. Little double doors lead out into the hall, to the right, past the robe.

Look at that picket fence - perfection, Dominique, you legend! Will be as pretty as a picture when painted white. Grow, little trees, grow, to hide that other hideous fence.

The top floor has been painted, just waiting for the gloss white on the windows. That's the main bedroom up there, with the ensuite to the left.......built right out under the eaves to maximise space.

Not the most exciting photo, but it will be soon - the downstairs powder room. Wall hung sink directly in front with grey French wooden mirror above. Shower is behind that wall to the left of the window... with NO glass, just open... after all, I have to clean the place, so only one shower will have glass, the main/boys bathroom upstairs (and no-one is allowed to use that one, so I never have to clean it..ha!).

Toilet recess (with no door) is to the right, behind that wall to the right, with an opaque, 10 light, French door, also to the right in front of the toilet, leading down to the laundry. Look at those gorgeous architraves, thanks Harry and Iain (the 'good carpenters'). I am going to spend all my time lying on my floor gazing at my architraves, skirtings and cornices..... it's the little things!... should have been a carpenter.

Great Room cabinetry is supposed to arrive tomorrow.

Be still, heart!

I'll be loiterin' tomorrow. A-M xx


  1. I bet those cabinets will be divine! Can't wait to see next lot of pics.

  2. Oh, a-m!!! It looks sooo great!!! You lucky girl!!!

    Klem Anette:)

  3. 17 that all? Don't worry about the painting, they do it in one fowl swoop, it's amazingly fast once they start, and they won't clean off the floor until the painting is done. I think we had about 10 painters in our house the day they painted, it was a mad house! Men inside, men hangin off the verandah outside, ones doing the cornices, others doing the ceiling, one guy doing the walls....yours will be done in a flash.

  4. It's all coming together now. Soon it will be finished and you will have magazines knocking on your door wanting to publish it!

  5. What an absolutely stunning home you have created...perfection.x

  6. Found your blog via white & wander, oh my you are doing beautiful things with your home.

    I am doing over a tiny little town house on the bay and enjoyed reading your posts.

    Good luck and looking forward to future visits.

  7. I am so coming to live in your house when you are out one day! It looks sublime in all its gyprock glory. Can't wait to see all the fantastic features.
    Ness xx
    Yes it is a good sign about lovin the light!

  8. What an exciting stage to be at! I bet you can't wait to move in! Looking forward to the next bit!!

  9. I'd love to have an open shower -- the less glass to clean, the better!! Good call on that :-)

    Even unpainted, your house is looking fantastic!! Looking forward to seeing more.... hope those painters are hard at work tomorrow!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  10. How fun! It all really goes fast in the home stretch... It doesn't seem like it's been almost a year, but I'm sure it does for you :)

  11. Looking good - best of luck getting them back in and working!!!

  12. A great post, it gives me hope!


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