Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Great!

The Great Room is great! The cabinetry is in and I am so happy with it. It's so meticulously constructed and level and square! Deep sigh!




I will have my baby grand piano down that far left end, in front of the French Doors.

Under the windows, are lovely big soft close drawers.
The handles will be antique black to match the black piano.
There will be cushions on the window seats and Roman blinds on the windows.

Each little bookcase section has a drawer and a cupboard underneath it.
There will be lighting in the bulkhead in front of the window seat and each bookcase.

VJ bead board backing.

Other news:

The decks are being constructed (by our landscapers) down the sides of the house . I will have a lovely walk down the right side deck, from the laundry, to hang out my clothes on the right side wall. No wet grass to walk on, no green ant bites... luxury... in the end... it's the small things!

The clothesline run, from the laundry. The random stone paving will start at the end of the deck.

There will be random stone paving up to the start of the decking.

The other half of the pantry, showing the shelving, I promised to show you last week.
There will be cove lighting above the little stainless steel benchtops. You can see the wiring for it hanging down.

All the waterproofing is being done in the wet areas and we have a solitary painter doing a major bicep work-out on our doors.

I have an 'approximate' completion date... approximately 6 weeks... maybe mid May? We have 2-3 weeks of painting and then the tiling and then we have a 2 week lead time to wait for the frameless shower screen. I can't believe, in the end, it all boils down to a @#%#& shower screen. We only have one screened shower, all the others are tiled. I'm happy to move in without it. When you think about the holding costs involved in that 2 week wait (mortgage+rent)... it's one helluva expensive shower screen!

More photos tomorrow! A-M xx


  1. Hey sweet A-M Everything is looking simply AMAZING so, so exciting!!!! I bet you just can't wait to get things in and make it a home!!!!! It is going to be nearly as exciting for all of us to see I think!!!!! Love C xx

  2. Hi A-M
    Every single time I look at your blog and see all those beautiful, gorgeous cabinets being installed, I just know this is going to be one of the most exqusite and stunning homes I have had the privledge to watch being built. I just know how excited and thrilled you must be feeling at the moment...after years of planning and designing this home, you are almost at the end...not long now!
    as for the shower screen...who needs one to move in hehe!
    Mrs B

  3. wait! what are we going to do when this thing is finished?

    have we thought about this?

  4. Wow! Moving fast forward! I like the cabinetry in the Great Room, and I have always dream of a window seat.

  5. Thanks Cathy darling. Thanks for sharing my excitement. You know that there will be an 'open day' for my local bloggy friends, later on when we have settled in. Karey, you're local, get those girlies on a plane. Good question - what AM I going to blog about, when it's all done? I'm a scientist so there wont be any creative writing epiphanies.... just bullet points about anything I can think of at the time! Are the blow by blow photos getting tedious? I'm really doing the whole 'dear diary' thing to death, aren't I. Painstaking detail is what I love best! Maybe I will just have to go back to posting pretty pictures or better still, pictures of the next block of land???... am looking. Mrs B, you and I, looking at the greener grass... I'm drooling over the modern and you the old! It's so great to share our projects. iLa, lovely to have you following my project. A-M xx

  6. I'm in love!
    You've thought of every here is going to be heaven for you!

  7. Thank you for visiting my is great to find like minded enthusiast doing things they love & you are doing a wonderful job of building your home

  8. Wow...your great room is more than Great, it is gorgeous! Are you feeling quite chuffed with all your hard work and effort?
    I mean you only have to take one look at your pictures to see how much effort has gone in behind the scenes.
    You need to change your blog name to The HOME that A-M built, cause it's not just a house anymore, and it's almost gone beyond a home to the point of being a sanctuary!
    It's just beautiful!

  9. Oh hush dear A-M - no, you are not doing to death the blow-by-blow pics. We all just love them & will continue to do so until you gently shut the door on those of us who are living so vicariously through this build!
    Millie ^_^

  10. Oh, A-M!! You lucky girl!! It's lovely!!!!

    Klem Anette:)

  11. I am absolutely stunned at the beauty of all of the cabinetry. What a gorgeous home you have created (with the help of some fab people). I can only imagine your excitement.

  12. MY GOD WOMAN! This room is going to take my breath away. I'm already feeling butterflies. Simply stunning!

    Anna :)

  13. But that shower screen will be SO worth it!! :-)

    LOVE the cabinetry in your great room :-)

    It's fun watching everything come together!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  14. oh my goodness, it is looking so so so amazing. LOVE EVERYTHING!!!! (and yes, a tad jealous, that pantry has more storage in it that my whole unit to put together) - can't wait to see you all moved in x

  15. Wow---this is stunning! I am absolutely in awe of how gorgeous your new cabinetry is. can't wait to see it when it's all filled with books and artwork!

  16. A-M, your great room is Amazing! Wow, it is so big and perfect! I love your shelves and the fireplace and the thought of a piano. Did I mention Wow?!! It looks like your have fabulous carpenters. All of your woodwork looks so well done. May I borrow one or two?! It is all so impressive.

  17. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! The cabinetry is absolutely stunning - well done you.


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