Friday, March 27, 2009

Looking Ahead

Image Courtesy Chris Everard Via Sarah Kaye

Once the interior painting's done, I'll start with the wallpaper. I plan to wallpaper in the Great Room, the Study (there is a lovely big wall, bordered by 2 little windows, screaming out for wallpaper) and possibly the Main Bedroom. As my windows have already got detail, shutters might be a bit much, so I plan to have curtains for the French Doors and Roman blinds for most of the windows, as they will nearly always be open for light and fresh air. What do you think my friends.... curtains/shutters/blinds?

Timber furniture, sisal rugs, pewter, lamps, candles, books, photos and all our little treasures....... I can't wait to unpack the contents of my garage, that have been sitting packed up for the past 18 months.... and I can't wait to finally tune our little baby grand. I have been putting it off since before our last move and it sounds terrible... like fingernails on a blackboard... even when 'big one' plays ragtime, which is meant to sound a bit 'cute' and out of tune!!!.

This is a first......I am starting to 'mentally' live in this house! A-M xx


  1. Good morning, Lady A-M!

    I can see in my thoughts that you are so eager to put your wallpaper soonest §:-))

    Ahhh... patience, girl! I can't wait to see you heavenly home. Am so nervous now. How many days left tills everythings done?

    Have a wonderful w/end and take it easy.


  2. generally i would vote romans beacuse I love them - apart from the french doors of course. however - I have shutters and curtains in my bedroom and I find the shutters really handy as when I am rushing in and out to change - post gym or gardening for school run etc I can just flick the shutters a touch for privacy. The other thing is for the same reason I find shutters very handy for adjusting light and shade in any north facing rooms lol Sheila

  3. Morning A-M, on my windows, I have timber blinds with soft almost seathrough white curtains over the top to soften the look of the blinds, but I am always dreaming of shutters. The dream comes to a halt when you actually have shutters priced.
    On my French doors I had just soft sea through drapes, however we ended up adding a heavier curtain over the top, cause at night our home felt like a fish bowl....
    I'd wait until you get all your goodies unpacked and live in it for a week before you decide.

  4. I like your idea of curtains and romans... go with it!

    The house is looking FAB! Loved the little fence you've had installed - I like the idea that, eventually, it'll look like you have trees/shrubs separating you and your neighbour rather then his ugly fence! And your little fence will frame out the trees beautifully!!

    Victoria: EdinDesign Interiors @ DesignTies

  5. I love that you have a baby grand that will fill that space. Is there any one detail that you haven't thought of?! I want to see every last nook and cranny once you've got your furniture in. Panoramic views! I love your yard.

  6. Visiting your blog every day I feel I live "mentally in A-M house" so I am not surprised about your feelings at all.

    French doors and windows are such a nice feature so shutters hmmm (despite I love them so much). Linen sheers in non formal areas, silk drapery for formal as an option. Roman blinds for bedrooms-boys, study. Let the nice views come inside…..

    Have a wonderful weekend A-M

  7. Wow I can't believe it is only 17 days to go and everything is looking simple amazing!!!! You must be beyond excited!!! Wish I could come and help you decorate, what fun would that be!!! Love Cath xx

  8. Roman blinds are meant to be one of the best window treatments for keeping in the cool/out the heat, according to some eco design experts I interviewed. They give a great "seal" apparently ... a bit like Tupperware.

  9. I love shutters, so I'm probably not much help! I'll second the thought to live in it for a little before you decide.

  10. It's all so exciting! I can't wait to see it with furnishings and the normal messes that mean someone is living there. Happy weekend!

  11. The picture you posted is beautiful.

    I think roman blinds are the best option for your windows. That way your window trim will be visible and you can easily adjust the romans to let in or block out the light.

    Kelly @ DesignTies


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