Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Bed Post

Image Courtesy Country Home Ideas

I haven't done a Monday Bed Post for a while. Does this count as a 'Monday Bed Post'? It's a bed. It's just on a lovely porch.... very 'Queenslander' style.

It's 4.40am Monday morning, I have been wide awake since 4am. I just can't sleep.... my mind is too active. Once I'm awake, the mental lists start. Can I say now, at this stage, that I am 'officially' REALLY looking forward to finishing this project. I might need to just do a reno' next time!

Both you and I know that this place is not going to be finished by the contract date, in 14 days time. We have no tiling, no interior paint, no sinks/taps installed (still on my dining room table).......a long way to go. We have asked our builder for a more definite date... kinda handy when we have to move on from a news yet.

This week, a lot is happening around the pool area. The pool coping tiles will be laid, which will enable our landscapers to start laying the random stone out the back. The Great Room cabinetry installation will finish off all the cabinetry I am hoping to see a tiler wandering through the place this week. If we all close our eyes and concentrate really hard, can we conjure up a tiler?

Have a great week and stay tuned for some major photos! A-M xx


  1. And good morning to you! The house is looking fabulous - you must be sooo very excited. Good luck with the completion date - you never know, miracles do occur.

  2. I can only say - woow!!!! I havent been good at blogging lately and missed so many of your pictures. Your house is absolutely amazing!! Love the kitchen, the stairs, the wardrobes - everything!! Cant wait to see the final result!!! I can really see why you want to move in soon. Petra

  3. I love the 'Queenslander' style;)


  4. I am closing my eyes and visualising a tiler for you! And it's a resounding 'yes' to your question of whether this pic counts as a MM bed post. It's gorgeous & I'm just so happy to see the MM bed posting again. Lee :)

    P.S. House is looking fabulous BTW.

  5. In my opinion, anywhere they you can lay your head and go to sleep is a bed... and it sounds like you need some sleep! 4am!
    This is the awful part of the build. You are so close to the end you can touch it and yet it seems like eternity......kind of like the end of a pregnancy really :)

  6. love that bed, hmmmm I would like a nap on there for sure

    sorry you can't sleep, I am the same, it'll be worth it in the end



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