Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Image Courtesy Kimberley Seldon

Now for the fireplace. Well it's gas, with a remote control, so we can just point and shoot, to get it started. With our current climate, we'll probably get to use it for one week out of fifty two, each year! What a week that will be ... "gather 'round friends and family, it's fireplace week". At least it will look good.

We are tiling it, from top to bottom in a stone tile ( no traditional mantle) .... hard to describe... didn't take a photo of the stone sample I carried around in my car boot for weeks, before I had to hand it back! The stone tile had to be light weight or else the floor would have given way (we need 10 square metres of it). It's not going to be a traditional stone look though, more coastal, casual, 'Queenslander-ish'. As we fit this place out, you will see that I have included modern elements in amongst traditional features. We are, after all, a rather laid back, casual bunch up here in the Sunshine State. OK, back to the stone.... varying sizes of rough edged, stone squares and rectangles, in beige and grey and "beigey-grey'... how technical can one get! The hearth will be a 'beigey-grey' slab of caesar stone. It will take the tone of the Great Room down one casual notch ... so mixed in with an elegant piano and some elegant Baroque 'greyish' oak armchairs, it should be a quite a nice mix.

On site today: not much is happening, except painting. I sure hope more than one painter turns up. I am almost tempted to turn up in my overalls, brush in hand. Lloydy, 'pool master', is due to make an appearance, to do the pool coping tiling. He has been waiting for the concrete tile bed, around the edge of the pool, to set. They had problems with the first batch setting so it had to be all ripped up and done again. Dominique will finish off the side decks and start on the random stone paving, later on this week. As soon as the landscapers have finished using the back lawn area for a work site, we will lay the turf.

It's just a waiting game now. Waiting for paint, waiting for the tilers, waiting for the plumbers, then waiting for the electricians. Gives me some time now to scheme the interiors.

Have a great day! A-M xx


  1. my oh my how your place is coming together.. and it pure gorgeousness...can't wait to see more!!! Have a fabulous week!

  2. Well worth the wait though!
    Your fireplace sounds lovely, and it will be one well used week of fun once it's cold enough to light it up.

  3. You must have the patience of a saint with all this 'waiting'! At least you will be able see some progress today with the solitary painter toiling away. :)

  4. How wonderful the rooms look so far. I love how the shelving and pantry and Great Hall and everything is finally coming together bit by bit. The next thing I know you'll have all your personal knick-knacks out and it will finally be that home you've been waiting for. I'm waiting on pins and needles!

  5. This is so exciting, and very inspiring too:-) Love the kitchen, the great room, the pantry, yes, everything! and especially all the built-in shelving and benches. I can hardly wait to see the finished result.
    Have a great week!

  6. Your fireplace sounds intriguing. I'm not sure what Queenslander-ish looks like, but I can't wait to see it!! :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  7. That has done it A-M. You are officially building my dream house. A fireplace! Do you know how much I want one? Even if it only gets turned on for a few weeks a year (although I bet you use it more than that just because you can) it will be a spectacular feature and you will have somewhere to hang the stockings at Christmas....
    Clare x


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