Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Pensive Moment

My beautiful 'old' house.

It was heaven to stand in silence, in my house, and just take it all in this weekend... no workmen, no noise (except for the very quiet cornice men, finishing the rooms upstairs!). I found myself thinking out loud, "look at my beautiful old house". It's only new but it feels like it has history already. I love the fact that it will, one day, have history and that it will sit there proudly on that block, for long after I've gone.

I took my time, wandering through each room........everything is looking so much better than my original drawings!.....thank goodness! I have been scheming this place, on paper and in my mind, for so long. Waiting for my son at music lessons, I sit in the car with my house file and scheme and scheme. Boxes and boxes of catalogues and files of drafts upon drafts, quotes upon quotes litter my study. I have truly loved the scheming!

... and yes, there HAS to be a next time. I have learnt so much. 
A-M xx

The start of the laundry installation, compete with water from the burst water pipe!
You can just see the bottom step of the passage way up into the powder room, in the middle. There is a 10 light cavity glass door at the top of the steps.
Oh and look, my beautiful door handles are on the yet to be painted doors!

Overhead cupboards in the laundry, will have little glass doors on them, with crystal knobs.

Oh yes, like these cupboards. Wall will be tiled with white subway tiles.

Can you see the colour on the top level? It's only had one coat so far.

A bit closer!

Picket fence will be painted white and rendered walls will be double strength our exterior house colour. Pool coping tiles will be laid this week.

The cobblestone mowing strip and the start of the pool equipment shed.

Our random stone pavers. The pool coping tiles will be this stone in a 400 x 400 tile.

Our landscapers are making a start on the side decks this week. The deck here will go all the way down to the laundry step platform that you can see in the distance. I have to fit a clothesline in along here somewhere!

The kitchen is in a million pieces scattered throughout the living areas and down the hall. It will be finished this week. I can't wait to show you the photos! A-M xx


  1. Wow! I can't believe how much it has come along. I can see all the work and sweat behind every detail, too. You are truly amazing, and the house will stand testament to it. Well done.

  2. Two words... 'Simply Stunning'!

  3. I'm Back from my holiday in Perth it was great (just what we need after mum's death ) Your house looks FABULOUS Why do you feel there needs to be a next time?
    Kind regards

  4. Hi A-M
    Sometimes we just have to take a moment to take in all what we have created.What a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful home you are going to have. This is a credit to you and your never ending quest to design a home exactly the way you have always dreamed about. The colour on the outside is just gorgeous!
    Mrs B...eagerly awaiting for more pictures!

  5. It's wonderful to see your photos. I remember the sheer joy of seeing everything come together from just drawings on paper to your own special house. Enjoy the days ahead - this really is the very best part of the building process!

  6. I'm sorry dear A-M but you've uttered 2 words that have me reaching for the brandy bottle - NEXT TIME! Are you still on the Panadeine Forte??!! You couldn't possibly want to let someone else live in your beautiful house - it has so much of your amazing creativity & energy. And don't forget we're all waiting for the film version of the blog before you move on to another project.
    Millie ^_^

  7. Oh my, its looking gorgeous!! Such a wonderful testimony to your hard work and dedication!

    I would love to know where you found your cobblestone mowing edging from? We have been searching brisbane everywhere for the perfect stone edging... and I think you may have found it???

  8. Madam Bespoke,
    Go to - click on 'random stone', then click on 'tuscan beige'. They can do any type of tile you like, including the cobblestone edges. Great hey! A-M xx

  9. Hi A-M

    Just wanted to say that I think the house looks absolutely fantastic! It's so nice to see a house with soul, and one that doesn't look like every other one out there. I have to say I have a thing for beautiful windows and dream of replacing our horrible bronze metal ones for ones just like yours! Love the photos and hope you feel better soon!

    Kerri x

  10. PS Bespoke. I have been dealing with the Springwood store - fabulous! A-M xx

  11. OH MY GOODNESS, the house is looking so very fabulous, your really on the home straight now; I'm seriously excited for you :) Well done!

  12. Oh thankyou! I love that it comes in a variety of sizes/uses. Just perfect for what we are looking for!!

  13. Wow! It all looks so amazing! I love all the details you have put into it and I love the colour on the outside! Can't wait to see what the kitchen looks like. Tracey xx

  14. Wow it is looking amazing!!!! So, so glad it is everything you dreamed of...That is how life should be .....RIGHT!!!!! Love to you Cathy xx

  15. Can i say that you really do have the most exquisite taste?? Everything is just looking so good, i love every detail and its so wonderful going along on this journey with you, Mel xxx

  16. Wow, a-m!! It looks soooo beautiful!! Can't wait too see the kitchen photos:)

    Klem Anette:)))

  17. Oh, it is all coming together beautifully, I can't wait to see it with all your decorating flourishes. I am living vicariously through you (as I think we all are...)

  18. Can't you just imagine yourself standing in that glorious kitchen, filled with sunshine while you spend time as a family each and every day? I can just picture it for you. How lovely.

  19. Now, it looks like a house. Hope it will finish before it'll be your autumn soon.

    Your house will be the as pretty as I can imagine.

    Hugs for a good start for this week.

    greetings from a still snowing city Stockholm!

  20. Wow! Wow! Wow! Can you believe it is yours A-M??? You must be pinching yourself right now! This is YOUR house!!!!

  21. Oh, it's amazing! Every little detail is just perfect! I'm so glad to see you back blogging. xx

  22. Thanks for all your kind words, my friends. I am so delighted to be sharing this project with you. If you have any queries re suppliers, or sourcing things that you like, as you follow the fit out, please email me, as I am happy to share my research and the wonderful contacts I have made. Answer for Karen re 'doing this all again'. I have learnt sooooo much and have loved the process (including the challenges!!!! well maybe not LOVED but learnt from) could I not use all this wonderful knowledge... that I didn't have to spend 5 years at Uni to gain! (oh well, no knowledge is ever wasted). I know what NOT to do next time and that is a great, great thing! I would like this to be my career - building houses in this style - you will love what I have for you all on completion of this project - a lovely surprise that I am scheming now! ... just give me a few months......A-M xx

  23. Oh A-M, i'm feeling a little emotional, it is all so heavenly beautiful and amazing and wow and so close to finished. The exterior colour? perfection.I could keep gusing but i'm in my lunch break and really should get back to work... I can't wait for more, and as much as I'd love you to start building another so I can watch you create again, are you mad woman!?? (he he) - A-M, you should be so incredibly proud of your masterpiece. Beautiful xxx

  24. it looks great, it must be so exciting! it looks so big too!

  25. could you include a close up picture of your architrave moulding? my windows currently just have sills, and i am trying to decide how to frame them?

    it's all in the detail, isn't it?

  26. Can you help me with your feedback on Slate and Stone in Slacks Creek ? Did you use them ? Did you use another Co. ? We are building in stone and looking for a good supplier at a good price. Thanks CB

    1. Yes, Nomadz, I used their product. Very happy with it. xx


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