Saturday, March 28, 2009

Quick Update

Little soccer helpers.
There's all our random stone waiting to be laid sometime this week.

Went around to the house this morning, to water the plants ....... so I thought I'd upload another round of photos.

Bit devastated by the positioning of the downpipe.
Did it HAVE to be there, on the front elevation, in the middle of my 2 beautiful windows?

Climbed out on the roof for this shot!

Kitchen wall cabinets are up. That's it for wall cabinets in the kitchen, hence the reason for all the storage in the pantry. They have plain shaker doors on them so they don't compete with the windows. I have a beautiful Ilve Nostalgie freestanding stove and canopy for in between those 2 windows. Hutch will be to the left, against that wall. Other than that, the only other feature will be a Gessi gooseneck tap over the big undermount rectangular single sink ,in the island bench. I have a plain white, 40mm stone bench top and will have 4 gorgeous rattan stools for in front of the bench, that will tuck in under the bench just nicely (once Harry and Iain, pretty please, shave about 10cm off each of their legs!!!)

Left side of the pantry. The cabinet makers had to rip out the beautiful cornice that had been installed in the took half the wall with it... great glue!!... you can just see the damage up the top. It will be covered with a cornice panel in the same colour as the cabinets.There will be a stainless steel benchtop on top of the cabinetry. Just to the right is the space for the fridge. Shelves for platters above the fridge. All my white crockery is going to look so beautiful on those 'greyish' shelves.

Right side of the pantry.
To the far right, a space for my 20 year old microwave (still works perfectly..can't justify a new one) and lots of pigeon holes in varying sizes.
I will get a better picture next visit.

View from laundry into hall. 3 metre ceilings on this level.

Little one has a monster wardrobe. It takes up the whole wall of his bedroom.
Doors will be painted gloss white. I can just see him lying on his bed pulling faces at himself in the mirrors!

So much space..... I can still use my Ikea 'hanging thingy's'!

Cupboard in playroom upstairs will be painted gloss white.
To the left will be double clear 10 light, French doors , leading into the hall.
That's the main bedroom at the end of the hall.

Love my stairs... white stringers, white risers, white balustrades, white newel posts, stained timber steps, stained timber handrail.

Going downstairs to the garage, gym and 'Frog Room'
..... and Armchair Trader stockroom and wrapping station!

I am over the moon about the positioning of the stairwell window. As I have never built a house before, and had no idea where the internal stair platforms were going to be, I took a guess wrt where it should be positioned on the exterior elevation, when drawing up the plans... whew!

The wall in the study that is crying out for some wallpaper. The wall is in front of you when you walk in through the French Doors, from the hall. That's a bit of Great Room cabinetry there!! Cupboards and drawers for under the bookshelves.

Our hall entrance lantern. We would also love to have a similar lantern in the stairwell. The light point, in the stairwell, is in the middle of a bulkhead, 50cm in from the stairwell window. Is it in poor taste to repeat a light fitting?... I just am in love with this fitting as it is very simple and elegant.

That's all for now. Back to the spiders in the garage. A-M xx


  1. Now should you really be climbing roofs to take pictures of downpipes?

  2. Where did you get that gorgeous entrance lantern - it is divine!!!

  3. It may only be a quick update, A-M, but I could drool over this post for hours!

    Your attention to detail is fabulous! Love everything about your 'home to be', it's just stunning in every way! Can't wait for the next update!

  4. Your kitchen will be a dream I'm sure, and that pantry will be amazing! Big enough almost to move into on it's own! lol.
    How could that light fitting ever be in bad taste?? Repeated or not!

  5. Hi there

    Been reading your blog for a while. I have a little solution to your 'pipe in the front elevation' problem - train a vine or creeper over it - an aunt of mine did that, and now it can't be seen except at close quarters.

  6. Love your hall entrance lantern. I'm looking for one for my house and want something like this, although I have to get bronze to match the rest of my house fixtures. This is really pretty!

  7. So much progress A-M, to my eyes anyway. It really is getting very exciting now and I love the beginnings of your kitchen - that bench top sounds gorgeous. Have a lovely weekend, xv.

  8. Ah the dreaded downpipe! Being able to tell the roofers which way to slope the guttering is one of the few advantages of having a roof plan, no matter how boring it may seem!

  9. Absolutely adore that light!!! Also, very good guess on the window placement!

  10. Thanks for your kind words girls. It is getting very exciting now. We're all packed up this end but I feel that we still have a long way to go.. I am estimating still another 6-8 weeks or so. Remstar, my lovely lantern is available by custom order through my shop, Armchair Trader. The majority of furniture and decor items that you will see displayed in 'The House' will be available by custom order. As they appear in 'The House", they will appear on my website with pricing. Please email me for availability and shipping details: Products will also be available for pick up from our warehouse in Capalaba, Brisbane. A-M xx

  11. Oh A-M, I just sat here reading this post, with my jaw wide open and the only sound I could hear was my breathing....simply stunning! I'm using your house shots from this post as a bargaining tool for my husband this weekend!

  12. So glad you've let us back in. Missed you!

  13. A-M, everything is amazing! I love your kitchen and your pantry is just dreamy! Your son's wardrobe makes such a statement- just a big Wow! Your stairs are gorgeous! I agree with another comment that your attention to detail is evident in every photo.
    So sorry about the downspout. It's the things like that that make you want to either throw up or hit someone!! All I can say is "MEN".... enough said.
    Great post. Love seeing all the progress you have been making!

  14. The house is looking great. Lucky you :)) I wish we could share the cold and the heat between us - don't you think? So great to look at your page again. Have a nice hot day - I will try to coop with our snow. Hanne

  15. Hello, Haven't posted here before but have been watching your progress from almost the beginning and I can't believe how fast everything seems to be coming together(maybe not to you) it all looks devine and I can't wait to see further developments. Keep the posts coming I am totally addicted!
    Lynette :)

  16. A-M everything is looking great. I only have one question. The windows in the Kitchen. Why not have a really large window there instead of the two ? Just an observation.

    I imagine your getting so excited !!!

  17. Glenda, I have a free standing stove and canopy range hood in between the windows! I am keen to show every stage under construction so it might be hard to to visualise what is obvious to me as I am scheming/dreaming it 24/7! The view from that side of the house is rather underwhelming too.... next door's car port!..... so the windows are really just there for light and a pretty feature. I am getting excited... I just hate the overlap where one has to pay mortgage and rent! I am very keen to move! A-M xx

  18. I love your entrance lantern too. I think it's fine to repeat it in your stairwell. If you love it and want another one, go for it!!

    The window in your stairwell looks great. It really lets in a lot of sunlight :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies


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