Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slight Problem

Slight problem... I don't think my dinky little camera is going to do the finer details justice... but I will do my best to show you the best.

Bed 2 window seat installed, with 2 lovely big drawers for toy storage.....just imagine how many 'Bionicles' we're going to be able to fit in there! I am having some groovy 'boy cushions' made up for the seat.

Look at that gorgeous afternoon light! Doesn't the room look like it has been there for ever and that it is just having a makeover done!! Do you like the 'locks' on the windows? - lumps of wood!
The windows need paint before the locks go on.

We have 4 bedrooms upstairs... our room, a bedroom each for the boys and this room. We made this one a little bigger so we could use it for the boys playroom. We will have a sofa bed in here. I am just not a separate, spare room kinda gal. I can't stand the thought (or the added expense) of having a room that would only be used occasionally... so this is a playroom, a spare room, a study and a retreat for my boys... oh and it has the city views!

Laundry is coming along. I made the cupboards 900mm off the bench instead of the standard 600mm. Serious work needs to be done in this room which requires serious space and headroom! ... and yes I can still reach them, well the bottom of them! White subway tiles will cover the wall in this space. Laminate bench top, not stone, as I mistakenly recalled. I planned this all so long ago. Now I remember!..... this is where I got my sensible gene back and started reigning in the costs! I just couldn't justify the expense of stone in the laundry when I could spend the savings on this.......

Our robe!

That's a little desk/dressing table at the end, under the window. I just need to find a really pretty little chair to sit there. The window opens onto treetops so this might be my spot to hide when life gets too chaotic!

It's hard to see but the shelves are a beautiful grey with metallic grey shelf ends. I wanted to protect the ends from constant wear and tear. Robes can be brutal, I've been told. The drawers, desk and the divides are white satin 2 pak. As you can see, I've managed to get my beautiful cornice in, even in here! Even the installers were hyperventilating over the finished product. It's immaculately constructed. I have a beautiful plush dark grey carpet going in on the upstairs level so it should all tone in beautifully.

His side!

My side is exactly the same but I will have a glass top on my drawer stack so that you can see all my treasures in the top drawer. I need to go shopping for some bling in my shop.

Ensuite bathroom. Toilet and shower are behind the wall with the cabinetry, shower to the right, toilet to the left. There will be white shutters installed at the end of the bath. 2 oval Venetian mirrors will be above the cabinet. I will have grey stone floor tiles and white damask wall tiles to the ceiling.

Boys bathroom.
They will have those 2 gorgeous French grey metal mirrors I posted about last week.

The start of the kitchen!

We spent the afternoon positioning the centre kitchen bench just so! I will now have 3 pendant lights over the island bench so we had to take their position into account as well. The end with the spirit level on it will be an open bookshelf. I will have room under the bench for 4 stools.
They need the sinks today, to cut the stone, so hubby will be pleased that they will no longer be taking up room on our current dining table, where he is attempting to work, during this terribly messy transitional stage we are living through. Our living room does have everything .... including the kitchen sink!

The pantry fit out. This is in a stone coloured laminate, with Blum stainless steel, soft close, open drawers, under the benches (heaven I am told... I think I could get used to this lifestyle!). The fridge will be in the centre. Shelving and stainless steel bench tops will be on either side of the fridge.

This 'total transformation' bit is the other part I love in the design process (besides the 'big picture', elevations, scheming windows part).... from empty rooms to rooms with purpose!!
More photos to come. A-M xx


  1. So lovely to see the progress - haven't been able to see your blog for so long! May I ask, where did you get the handbasins for your bathrooms and what are they called? Please answer on my blog living art and interiors!

    Best Wishes C

  2. Oh my - everything is looking SO LOVELY! I love the consistent shaker style of all the cabinetry. And your robe is to die for -- love that detail of the glass on the top drawer. You must be thrilled with the transformation of the rooms so far!

  3. It's all coming along so nicely! I love your closet!!! and the window seat in the playroom! I always wanted one growing up.

  4. C, to answer your question: my hand basins will be the beautiful oval, Villeroy and Boch, Loop and Friends undermount sinks. I will have 2 in each vanity cabinet so 4 all together. Very understated but elegant. I am combining them with the modern but elegant Gessi Ovale mixer taps. The powder room sink downstairs is the wall mounted 'Variable' from Villeroy and Boch - no cabinetry in the powder room. Have left all this detail over on your blog too! A-M xx

  5. WOW... it is all coming together... LOVE it!

  6. My oh my, the trim and built-in cabinetry is just divine. It is more gorgeous each post.

  7. It looks beautiful. I love the window seat in the boys playroom....and I'm sure you will get many Bionicles in there if they actually remembered to put them away :)

  8. Its fab AM - love the symmetry in the walk in robe, the window at the end. Its very exciting watching it all go in !!

  9. I have wardrobe envy ... yours is going to be unreal!

  10. A-M
    Everything is just Perfect!
    It already feels as home.

  11. Would you consider an open house event for those of us who live close by? I am begining the very first steps to my own renovation journey and would appriciate any guidence and tips etc you could bestowe. I would Love to see the finnished product in person and to meet the creative mind behind all the beauty of this wonderful house.

  12. Dear A-M,
    I am so happy to see your blog again! I'd almost stopped trying & nearly deleted the site awhile back. I was very very sad to think I'd missed the sign-up for private access, when there was some kind of turning point about a month ago. I had been fairly sure that you reversed that, but then..couldn't see you any more. I have been enjoying a vicarious construction, all the way from eastern Canada & couldn't believe that I'd miss the finish. So, thanks very much for showing up again. I look forward to your move in.
    Should I be signing up somewhere to make sure the ether doesn't gobble you up again?

  13. Well my dear, your dinky little camera did NOT let you down. We can see everything perfectly & everything is perfect! I have wardrobe envy big time - I'm still living out of the cardboard porta-robes when moved here with 3 yrs. ago. MOTH had to rip out the hideous wardrobe in our bedroom to even fit our bed in, so we are 'making do' in a spare bedroom until the new Dressing Room build makes it to the top of his List! The things we do in the name of renovation.
    Millie ^_^

  14. Everything looks gorgeous A-M. Love the kitchen, window seats are going to be perfect for all those toys - can already picture a beautiful fabric on them. Jealous of your robes!!

    Its so great to see all the finishing off - to me that's the best part. Amanda x

  15. Just finished packing my bags. On the next flight up to Brissy - I'm officially moving into your robe....... LOVE IT!!! xx

  16. I am in love with your house, especially your walk-in robe. That's every woman's dream wardrobe!! And I think you deserve every single inch of it after all the building 'ups & downs' you've been through. Lee :)

  17. Beautiful, A-M.
    All of that hard work is paying off.
    Love your kitchen.
    Great job!


  18. I love the style of your cabinetry. And that closet.... Wowsers!! What a great idea to display the contents of your top drawer. Gives you a great excuse to shop for pretty things :-)

    The window seat looks like it's going to be a wonderful spot to sit down and read a book :-)

    Looking forward to seeing more!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies


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