Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today On Site

The painters are painting furiously before the scaffolding disappears at the end of the week. Once the scaffolding has gone, the front retaining work begins. We are building up a front platform, on the far left for the porch steps to lead down to. The porch steps start to the left, of the painter on the left, at the end of the porch. It's quite a drop from the front porch and we didn't want to have to walk up a million steps, all in one go, to get to the porch....so we will have a front gate, a few steps, a built up path with garden beds and then the steps up to the porch. Well that's my plan anyway... now to convert it into bricks and mortar and pretty flowery garden beds!

Kitchen hutch will fit in between the window on left and the French Doors - just!

Kitchen is still underway. The stone guy has my sinks now so he's off cutting out stuff.
I have a beautiful Hamptons style hutch, (with little criss cross windows) that will JUST fit at the end of the far wall bench, before the French Doors. I purchased it before the beam (bulkhead) turned up and my carpenters and I sighed with relief when we measured up the space, after the walls and floors were put in. We have 4mm to spare. Lets hope the hutch dimensions on the spec sheet are actually the real dimensions.

Pantry Doors will be painted white - of course.
A big thank you to Chantal for her advice on moving the windows at plan stage.
(You were right Chantal, thank goodness you emailed me!)

New fence down the side. Dominique is just about to straighten off the top in this photo. He runs the saw along the pink bit of wood, to get it perfectly straight. I love this stuff... I must have been a carpenter in a previous life! There will be random stone paving up to the wood retaining bit, in the foreground, and then steps and decking running right down to the laundry door.

Front porch bead board (VJ's). I love this porch.

Front porch

Didn't the chippies do a great job at covering up that "what the?" box. Perfect solution.
There will be a light just above the door to make it a feature!

Hubby's at the end of the porch doing telephone business. We only have one car as he had a car accident yesterday. A lump of wood, the size of that porch post there on the right, in the middle of the highway. 100km/hr, car either side, car behind, he had to run over it. All the airbags went off and the car saved his life. Mwah! I love you sweetie. Thanks for livin'!!

2 posts in one day. I think I will take a break tomorrow. Off to the physio - my neck still does not work. C'mon driver, let's go! 
A-M xx


  1. omg i am soo jealous..i am just in love with your house and the kitchen..to die for!! i am having a giveaway miss A-M so make sure you enter. Mel xxx

  2. ps. am glad your hubby is ok, thank goodness cars have all these safety features in them nowadays, Mel xxx

  3. Oh, thank goodness your hubby is OK!! How scary. I am loving the looks of that new kitchen!! I bet you are SO excited!


  4. I've got all my fingers and toes crossed that this completion keeps going the way it's been going! How exciting ...

  5. It looks fantastic!! The kitchen and the bathroom furniture is sooo lovely!! I love it:)))

    Klem Anette:)

  6. ahhhh.

    all caught up on the progress of the house i'm going to visit as soon as my room is ready.

    did you think i wouldn't come to meet my future sons-in-law?!

    loving it all...

  7. What a beautiful house it will be! I like everything, all the storage you have the windows, the porch. Great job!

  8. A-M, you are so speaking my language: " The stone guy has my sinks now so he's off cutting out stuff"
    I miss the "what the" - seriously, how is Santa going to get in now?!?! xx

  9. Love it, love it, love it!

    I's all coming along so quickly, and looking just adorable! Your kitchen will be a dream!

    I hope you are feeling better, and glad to hear Hubby is OK. What a nightmare!

    Best wishes!

  10. Now is the fun part when everything really starts to come together! It's looking great!

  11. It's all coming along. What a beautiful home it will be,
    . Hayley

  12. Looks terrific! It's really coming together. Glad for your husband too.

  13. Everything is coming together and I can't wait to see it finished!

  14. Sigh, to have a wardrobe like that. But that would mean buying more shoes, clothing and bags to make it look full. I don't see a problem there at all!

  15. Wow, it looks amazing! Can't wait to see further progress!!! :) :)

  16. I'm so enjoying your progress photos! And, to repeat what everyone has already said, your home is stunning! I'm crazy about your kitchen and your wardrobe and your laundry room and your boy's window seat and your porch and your master bathroom... heck, I'm crazy about your house!

    Thanks (a few days late - sorry!) for stopping by DesignTies and commenting on my family bathroom remodel. It really was a fun project and a huge transformation from how it was before. I'm so looking forward to working magic in the bathroom here in our "new" old house!

    Of course the real transformation is occuring at your house!! :-)

    Victoria: EdinDesign Interiors @ DesignTies

  17. Your house is fantastic! It's great being able to see the progress, thanks for letting me view your blog.

  18. Wow!! What amazing progress!!! My cousin and I are headed to Australia on Friday! I am so excited!!! We will be in Sydney for 7 days!

  19. Oh my, your kitchen is even better than you have described! Hurry Hurry Hurry and finish boys so that we can drool over it!!!

  20. OMG, its a really dreamhouse, I love every bit of it, love your taste..big hug marie

  21. Wonderful progress! Your kitchen is GORGEOUS! I love all the light- the windows, the french doors! So exciting! Have you planned your first meal yet?! I love everything- you've designed an amazing space! Just imagine that first cup of coffee on your first morning in the house!! Perfection!

  22. Yikes, sorry to hear about your hubby's car accident. Seeing as he was doing telephone business after the accident, I'm guessing he came out of it OK...

    Your kitchen island is beautiful, even without the countertop :-) Fingers crossed for you that the 4mm clearance for your hutch is enough!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies


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