Friday, March 27, 2009

A Weekend With Spiders

Image Courtesy Better Homes and Gardens

As much as I'd love to curl up in this spot for the weekend, I will be spending the weekend in my garage, ferreting around in boxes and fighting the 'Daddy Long Legs' spiders. Not only do I have some serious packing to do but I have a few 'Bubbles and Bling' nights coming up, so I have to 'play' with all my stock, in preparation for some glamorous nights ahead (they're glamorous and fun .... but oh they are HARD work!.... I need my health back NOW!).

Hubby popped into the house this afternoon. Still light on for painters but the Great Room cabinetry has arrived, in a million pieces. All the bookcases have bead board backing ('VJ's' for us Aussies).... be still heart! The cabinet people will be back on Monday to install it all. I thought I would leave you with a 'before' photo before I sign off for the weekend.

Great Room Cabinetry, with child in background.

That's all folks!
Have a great weekend. A-M xx


  1. Work on your health first! Then the rest. Look after yourself.

  2. Good luck chasing those spiders away! And just think, you can check in on the house on Monday or Tuesday and all that beautiful cabinetry will be put in its place. How exciting. Can't wait to see the results. Lee :)

  3. All, the fun stuff! Now is when the house will really start becoming a home :)

  4. Have a great weekend A-M and keep out of the way of those spiders!

  5. So exciting!!! Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Hi A-M
    Everytime I see a glimpse of your cabinets, I can just imagine how excited you must be and I know my heart would be beating so fast at seeing everything come together. You must be feeling so much satisfaction for creating something so exquisite and beautiful. Everything you have shown us I have loved so much and I am thinking if ever I build another home, it will be just like yours! (I hope we will see this house in a magazine in the near future)
    Mrs B

  7. Hi A-M! I am in love with your house. You must be so happy with how it is coming along. Can't wait to see that kitchen come together. Then all your decorating...Hope you have a great weekend!


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