Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kitchen Tiles

Image Courtesy Flickr

I'm giving some thought to the rest of the kitchen tiling, now that you have all sorted out my pantry for me! This kitchen layout is not dissimilar to my layout, with the 2 windows on the far wall and the freestanding stove as a central feature. I have 200x100 white gloss subway tiles on order, for the splashback and the wall where the windows are. I am thinking of doing a similar herringbone pattern to that pictured, just above the stove to under the rangehood. What do you think, girls? Are the tiles too big? I don't want to go to gloss square tiles - don't like them - have to be rectangular.

This is my kitchen as it stands today, waiting for bench tops, paint, beautiful floors, the freestanding hutch, architraves, lights and appliances! Oh, we have a long way to go!

Herringbone or not? Or any other suggestions? A-M xx


  1. I love the herringbone! My vote is for the herringbone over just stand placement of the rectangular tiles.

  2. I love the shelves at the end of island. So cute and useful!!!

  3. I really love the herringbone pattern. I think it will look great!

  4. yes to herringbone. your house is looking good!

  5. I think the herringbone will look nice. You can try cutting a few pieces of paper to size and laying it out and see if you like it. It's hard to imagine whether it would be too big or not without seeing it laid out.

  6. Go the herringbone I say, classic yet quirky - nice touch :)

  7. hi.
    i am new here...came from la la lovely. i am loving seeing your house in process. how fun! i can see you have an amazing vision. your kitchen is going to be fabulous!
    herringbone tile would be gorgeous!

  8. I like the herringbone idea.

    You should check out Sarah Richardson's web sites -- she does amazing things with tile!! You may see something that inspires you...

    You'll probably find other inspirations on her web sites too :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  9. I am going to go against the flow here. Whats going through my mind is that as the tiles are quite big they are a statement in themselves, if you add the herringbone is that two statements - so will it be too much ? I am also thinking will you end up with lots of small triangles around your windows and is that what you want. Also in the pantry I think a simple horizontal pattern would look best with the stainless bench tops -'luxe utility'. But you know whatever you decide will work fine !!

  10. Oh thanks for your help girls:
    Kelly - what would I do without you.. I will check them out.
    Sheila - yes that was my concern too... tiles too big. I am only looking at the herringbone for about a 1 metre by 1 metre area above the stove. The rest will be subway style.Do you think that would work? I suppose the idea was to add some element of intricacy/detail as you will see in the end, it really is a very simple kitchen. I am going to ask my tiler to lay out all the tiles for the splashback. I will photograph it and then post it for more wonderful advice from my bloggy friends! A-M xx

  11. I love the herringbone idea, but... like you mentioned above...seeing it laid out would definitely make my decision for me!

  12. I'm wondering if it will be too much - but then again I love simple, simple, simple.
    Jo x

  13. hi A-M

    I love that your kitchen is so balanced. LOL i am going to go against the gen pop, i like them straight(and if they are big enough grided not like bricks), so not take away from your oven and given that there is not a lot of area once you consider the windows and overheads i think it may look a bit busy. but that's just me.

  14. You might be right Chantal. OMG what would the window wall have looked like if you hadn't gotten to me first, at plan stage! Thanks again to your hubby too! A-M xx

  15. I meant to comment yesterday. Personally I prefer horizontal pattern (in your case) .
    Have a great weekend A-M

  16. A-M, while the herringbone pattern is very pretty I'm a simple girl and personally prefer the brick pattern subways. But that said, I think you should lay it out both ways- I bet you will know instantly what to do!

    I think our kitchens look so much alike- the windows flanking the range, the drawers instead of cabinets... Must be the great minds!!!
    Happy weekend! joan

  17. Hi,

    I would suggest you to do a template out of paper of cardboard of both patterns before you decide anything. That way there are no mistakes and you'll be sure of what you want. It's really difficult to vision something inside our heads.


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