Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Bed Post and Blog Love

Image Via Brabourne Farm

This 'Monday's Bed' has been 'lifted' from one of my most favourite Australian blogs: Brabourne Farm. You must visit Leigh at her beautiful home. She has absolutely exquisite taste. Her daily posts just soothe the soul. Leigh also has a divine recipe blog that I have been stalking: Brabourne Farm Kitchen. More please Leigh, more!!! A-M xx


  1. Looks like you have been up as early as I have! Although you might be an hr ahead of me in QLD?

  2. Always up early Katrina. Best time of the day (sleeping children - bliss)! A-M xx

  3. That bed and chandelier and everything about that photo, actually, are completely gorgeous. Wow, I am really in awe!

  4. Oh, how lovely a room that is! Thanks for the eye candy. I shall go over and visit.

  5. Hi A-M

    Thank you for your lovely comments - you're so very kind! Glad you're enjoying the recipes - we will add more as Mr Brabourne discovers new treats. Again, many thanks.

    Leigh XX

  6. Well said! Brabourne Farm is one of my favourite blogs to visit on a daily basis. Leigh has such a beautiful sense of style. Lee :)

  7. Good Morning dear A-M - yes, in total agreement with everyone else. Leigh over @ Brabourne Farm has the most beautiful blog & the property she shares with Mr. B in the Southern Highlands is amazing!
    Millie ^_^

  8. what a wonderful wonderful room, I can only dream of windows and a roof like that



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