Friday, April 17, 2009

Outside Update

Image Courtesy Annette's Hus

Inspired by Anette's Gates....many moons ago....

Image Via Annette's Hus

.....we've decided on similar ones for our driveway and entrance gates. We are also using this design for our front porch balustrade, which is being constructed now. Thanks Anette!

The start of the front balustrade - it's a beautiful job, lovely thick crosses, just as I envisaged.

Those crosses on the windows upstairs are our 'lock up' - lumps of wood theoretically keeping the vandals out. We can jimmy them to get in though, on the lower level!

Image Courtesy

It's funny, once you see something you like, you see it everywhere. This house is in the next suburb to us!

From the front entrance gate, we will have a path, leading up to the porch steps, in the same random stone that we are using out the back, on the terrace and around the pool. Hopefully it will look just like this:

We emailed this picture to our landscapers, to confirm we were on the right page with the look we want, for the terrace, pool and front path. He informed us that, in order to achieve this finish, the pieces of stone are cut and then hand chipped so as to not show obvious signs of cutting. It's going to cost about 10% extra than the original quote to soften the edges. Am I being too precious wanting this detail? He's going to send us through some photos of a job, where the tiles were just cut and not hand chipped, to help us decide.

Coping stone has been started around the pool. We are having the square shaped tiles to fill out a rectangle shape around the pool and then the rest of the stone tiles will be random stone, in the whole pool and back terrace area.

Stone laid out minus grout. Not the best photos, but we just love the colours - grey, beige, 'greyish beige' - love them!

Rumour has it that the footings for the front retaining are being started on Monday and our tiler starts next Thursday. There was no-one on site yesterday!! which surprised us as our contract end date has come and gone, and we are now really watching the clock. A-M xx

PS Can't help myself. 'Weeping Wall' update - still weeping... I've stopped weeping though, now that our supervisor has promised to fix it up!

Weeping Wall


  1. Gorgeous! Everything's looking magnificent. And no, there's no such thing as being too precious - go that extra length with the hand chipping, or later, every time you look at it you'll regret it. With our backyard renovation it always seemed we were going just that one step further, but now it's finished I've already forgotten the cost (shame the bank hasn't!) and am thrilled we did what we did. Have a gorgeous weekend!

  2. Yay! loook at you, back on board. So happy things are working out. Love love love the fence and gates!

  3. I am so sorry you have problems with "weaping walls", hope it will be fixed soon. The balustrades and the outdoortiles looks great though! Have a nice day:)

  4. What kind of stone are you using for the coping? At the beginning stage of renovating & needing to choose pool surround colours/stone plus still decide whether we go for a light coloured house (some kind of white) or a darker coloured house (similar to the photo you have above of the house with x's).
    I'm so indecisive ... it really doesn't help.

  5. Much better seeing the progress pics than the water damage pics!! You must be feeling much more hopeful about things now :-)

    I really like the balustrade detail. Nice to see something that's a bit out of the ordinary (even if there's a similar fence in the suburb next to yours!!)

    Have a great weekend!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  6. Thanks girls. It's good to be able to focus on finishing the house again. Littlemissairgap, we are using a dense limestone from Slate and Stone. We are using the 400x400 square tile for the coping stone and the random stone for the rest. You can find our stone at this link:
    A-M xx

  7. Wow, A-M! Look at your beautiful home! Love the x detail.
    The color you chose for you home looks fantastic with the white trim.
    It's always so exciting to visit you.
    Happy weekend.


  8. A-M, I love the design on the front balustrade! It's such a perfect contrast to the vertical lines! Your choice for the path is so pretty. Hey, what's an extra 10% at this point, eh?!!!
    Your coping stone has such great colors! I'm envious of your beautiful pool!
    I'm so happy that you are feeling better and that the supervisor has promised to fix the weeping wall!
    Happy Weekend! joan

  9. If it looks cut you'd probably regret it. Can you share the just cut photo when you get it though so we can give a more informed opinion? ;) The stone is gorgeous!

  10. oh that weeping wall, i do hope it has a happy ending, i'm sure it will!! love the balastrade, ooh i'm so excited for your house, it is going to be wonderful when it's all done! i do like the handchipped stone too, but if you get a photo of the cut ones, can you show us the difference too?

    have a great weekend!


  11. I just pass by and send my mums regards and thanks for your nice words.

    She feel better and leave the hospital tomorrow 18th of April.

    Happy Sunday.

  12. Gates likes these are so nice! I really like the tiles as well:) Good luck with your wall problems!


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