Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Site Update

Image Courtesy Country Living

No house photos this morning as I didn't even get my camera out yesterday... but this beautiful room illustrates the sort of look and 'feel' I am aiming for in my home.

Tiles have arrived and I have been assured that a tiler is materialising today... well I am supposed to be meeting one at 10am this morning, so it's almost a sure thing.

Still sorting out the front retaining slab, steps and driveway. Have had a few very scary quotes so we are getting yet another quote today. Electricians are running conduit around the front for our exterior lighting. I still don't have all my light fittings. Having been so pathetically sick for 8 weeks, I just haven't had it in me and have done the bare minimum to keep my side of the equation going. I can live with those unattractive, temporary plastic light cones if I don't get everything done in time. I can always get the electricians back.

The random stone is being laid out in the pool area. It's just BEAUTIFUL! I have promised my landscapers that I will put their details up on my blog. If anyone in Brissie needs a good landscaper.... I have the man. The best communicator too... isn't that what it's all about... oh and good quality workmanship as well!

The painting is still a happening thing. The white internal gloss doors are better than I ever expected. I so appreciate my painter talking me into gloss and not semi gloss. I figured he has done it thousands of times and I have done the whole paint thing 'nunce' so I was happy to take advice from an expert. Gloss is 'da bomb'! I might just have to do a batch of my Anzac biscuits for the painters. I think they are sick of my "looking good and so's the painting" comments. I bet they can't wait to get this job over and done with.... having to put up with me floating around all day!

Mid next week is when I am assured everything will be happening. The tiler will take about a week to work his magic and then my appliances arrive next Tuesday. Lights and plumbing fixtures will start being installed next Wednesday. Yey, I will be able to serve food on my dining table once I relieve it of all the fittings that I have been stockpiling on it for the past year!


  1. At this point it must be so exciting every time you visit the site to see what has occurred since your last visit. The glossy internal doors sound wonderful - can't wait to see them. Lee :)

  2. I like the look you're going for. Having had a house remodeled from top to bottom, I know some of what you're going through. Now we're going to start on the outdoor rooms.

  3. Your house really looks great! And it seems that there is som progress as well event though I know how it feels when its your own house. Just want it to be done. Love the front porch. I am sure you will sit there and have your morning coffee! I also want to see the glossy internal doors. Petra

  4. Wow, it is really coming on now. I too love the colours but then I am going through a white/neutrals stage. That said I have just had delivered a very colourful french style tapestry to add some colour to the room. I am supposed to be painting so had better get back to it:-)
    Bonne courage
    L x

  5. How exciting to be in the final stretch of it all! I am living in my remodel and I'm running out of steam, ideas, motivation, etc. LOL. Too many decisions. Not enough money.

  6. All very happy and exciting news!! I keep my finger crossed for a smooth run.

  7. So much going on - keep it up and best of luck!


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