Friday, April 3, 2009

The State Of The Nation

Image Courtesy House Beautiful
Loving the floors, white risers, cornice, skirtings, window and blind, lantern, serene colour scheme and flowers!

A pretty picture to make up for the fact that:

1. It's raining.... grow little trees, grow.
2. My Site Supervisor has gone on HOLIDAYS for a week.
3. I have not stopped coughing for 5 weeks.... but I still have my appetite... rats!
4. I have a 'Bubbles and Bling' night tonight and no energy to do it! Rally A-M, rally!

Have a great weekend. A-M xx


  1. I think I have the same nagging cough! It's driving me crazy. Maybe you should indulge in a piece of chocolate - I always find that just a little bit peps me up when I need it (or a good strong cup of coffee). Good luck! Lee :)

  2. You need to go to bed for a week! Get rid of that cough, dammit. You'll make me worry about you.

  3. Oh gosh, & things were zooming ahead @ Casa A-M, what a pain! MOTH will be glued to the TV tonite watching the Footy, so I can come up to Brissie & give you a hand, send a ticket quickly!
    Millie ^_^

  4. That pretty picture is doing it for me A-M, hope it's doing it for you!
    Have a fabulous weekend...and here's to hoping next week things are back in full swing on your house!

  5. Oh yes come up Miss Millie. We can play with all my pretty baubles. It would be so much fun. You can be the checkout chick and I'll wrap! A-M xx

  6. Enjoy the journey it will be over soon and then you will be bored (and healthy)!!!!

  7. I hope your event is a smashing success tonight A-M. I know you have those deep reserves of energy and you'll make it fantastic. Then convalesce afterwards and give yourself that much needed TLC.

  8. How about a vacation? When this is all over of course! In the meantime some chocolate cake might help!

  9. I also love the photos, that said I had a crazy? moment and stained my wooden floors a very dark brown, they look great but boy do they show the dust. They almost need mopping on a daily basis but they look great with a white and taupe paint scheme.

    Bonne weekend

    L x

  10. The house is looking great, now YOU just have to feel better! Cant wait to see more... take it easy and rest!

  11. Hello there! How u feeling? Your kitchen and mine look the same haha. I am having serious jealousy issues with your cabinetry in the boys playroom. I will be adding something similar to mine after we move in. I have tossed and turned at night about what I want, but will wait to get a feel for the layout of the room after we are in there. Hope your house sees lots more action this week xx

  12. O I forgot to ask what you decide on your kitchen tiles? My husband is currently creating a masterpiece for my splashback out of pressed metal tin. Fingers crossed he knows what he is doing! I love the herringbone pattern too!


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