Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Photos

Thought you might like to see how the Dulux Antique White USA is coming along. Hubby took some photos yesterday, when he went to check up on the poor soul assigned to dig out behind our retaining wall. Our house faces west so the afternoon light gives the whole place a beautiful warm glow.

Looking into the Great Room from the Hall.

The front porch roof couldn't be a more perfect size to keep direct sun out of the front rooms, in the afternoon. It is a beautiful light home, no matter what time of the day it is.... and the outdoor areas are positioned perfectly too. There is shade over the back lawn right up until midday, due to the neighbours lovely trees. Perfect for my boys to play early morning soccer. The sun shines on the pool nearly all day, theoretically warming up the 'soon to be water' and saving on the need for pool heating .

City glimpses from the top floor..... see?


Top floor, looking from the boys play room down to the main bedroom. There will be a set of 10-light French Doors in that doorway. They're off being painted. I think the 'Antique White' highlights the cornices beautifully.

Main bedroom, facing the back yard. Skirtings have yet to be painted. Look - sound system speakers in the roof. Our smart wiring guys have been sneaking around doing stuff.

Glass top has been put in the drawers in the robe - small things!

Hopefully we will see a tiler this week and things will start moving along. We have 5 weeks until our lease is up and we are on the street!
A-M xx


  1. It's gorgeous, the paint colour just beautiful! That poor guy under the house, lucky that it is starting to get a bit cooler, imagine how hot it would have been in there in the middle of summer.

  2. Looks like it's almost time to move! Excited yet? Can't wait to see more photos!

  3. The rooms are looking so lovely painted! It's good to hear you will be enjoying them very soon. Ax

  4. The light in this house is going to be just amazing. ANd haven't you just thought of everything... glass topped drawers in the wardrobe - very decadent and just so perfect. You will be able to quit your day job and earn a living conducting tours when you are all finished, A-M! And I'll be first in the queue with notebook in hand.
    Clare x

  5. I love the light all around your house! and find amazing the glass topped drawers!
    I cheer for your house, looking forward for more and more updates!

  6. just spent the loveliest moment catching up on you...those boys. my fave posts are about them, you know.

    and i like that you know how lucky you are to have them. it's not so easy making people, is it? nice when they're easy to work with! hee.

    well done, you. xoxo.

  7. The house is looking fabulous. This really is the most exciting stage as everything comes together - your planning is now paying off! Love everything - as Clare says, I think we'll all need a guided tour so that we can enjoy every small delicious detail.


  8. Thank you so much for posting the colours of the Antique White USA. They look great and you are right they do contrast beautifully with the cornice.


  9. A-M! So excited to hear from you - Kimberlee has raved about your site and I was thrilled that you were one of the first to visit mine. I hope it lives up to the expectations!

  10. I had a very detailed dream about retaining walls the other night, and I can only imagine I was inspired by your trials and tribulations! The good news...the dream ended happily ever after! (Although maybe not for whoever drew the short straw and is digging out that by hand - eek!)

  11. It does look very close A-M, love the antique white, xv.

  12. Thanks for your kind words everyone. I have my bloggy friends to thank for the colour. You all 'nudged' me towards the Antique White and I couldn't be happier. Ms Unreliable, I am so sorry that you are having to dream my dreams! pleased yours had a happy ending. Karey, sniff, miss you. A-M xx

  13. Very exciting dear A-M, even the retaining wall dig! I'm in awe of all your attention to detail especially in your Dressing Room & hanging my head in shame at the same time! Lovely to see your cityscape glimpses.
    Millie ^_^

  14. This must be your walk in robe? :)
    Would love to see what your finished walk in looks like.



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