Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blonde Moments

My major 'blonde' moment for yesterday........looking at the fireplace tiles all laid out on the floor, by my tiler, I exclaimed," oh they're a different colour to the ones I ordered". "They're wet from just being cut", he said sympathetically, obviously marvelling at how I have survived this far in life with such a limited number of firing neurons.

The 'moments' continued.... driving to the lighting shop for lightbulbs, purchasing outdoor lights and forgetting lightbulbs for them!....... ending up being 2 light bulbs short for one chandelier... despite counting and recounting before I left.

Next - wringing my hands over a missing light fitting, checking every cupboard as instructed by the electricians.... and standing there when they walked to the first cupboard on their arrival and found it.

Next - sitting in the car, waiting for school pickup, tallying powerpoints and light switches, with the keys in the ignition.... slightly turned on....... FLAT BATTERY!!!!

I think I'm done. I need to go back to handbags and pretties for a while. In a few weeks, after handover, I am going to move my blog over to my webstore blog once the house is finished. I will still post about the house and it's 'leisurely paced' (my way of saying, we have run out of mortgage) interior fit out over at my new site. The place might be a bit empty for a while.... beanbags look ok with chandeliers, don't they?!! At least we will be in!


  1. LOL! We are in the same boat, our house will also be very minimal in the beginning. Oh well, that will give you plenty of time to figure out exactly what you want. It is looking gorgeous!!

  2. Hi, don't worry us women are allowed to have "blonde moments".Could you imagine a man trying to juggle all the things we have to do just in one day.Loving the house,take care.

  3. The room's looking absolutely fabulous - love, love, love the fireplace and chandelier!

  4. Oh we all run out of puff sometimes and need a good recharge so dont worry. Could you place a link to your new blog so I can head on over when its time. Thanks A M.

  5. Lookin' good! Don't worry about the 'blonde' moments, we all have them! and I'm sure those guys have seen much worse!!!
    Can't wait to see the finished product!

  6. It's not blonde dear A-M - it's just your brain's way of tripping the overload switch & taking a little break for a moment! Your chandelier looks absolutely fantasic, I bet you are over the moon. As I was going from the Airport to work in Syd. last Monday, I passed the Laura Kincade shop. It took all my power not to yell at my Driver to 'STOP THE CAR!' it looked so gorgeous!
    Millie ^_^

  7. could you kindly tell me where you got your chandelier?

  8. Back again, I feel horrible as I forgot to say how fab your great room is looking...LOVE IT!!!

  9. Lol I could so say something about you being a lightbulb short... but I'm too impressed by all your efforts. House is looking beautiful.

  10. WOW! I want a house like yours!
    You are getting there, funny things always happen, but the good thing is that you are still laughing at them.
    I am trilled to see the end result! Beautiful fireplace by the way ;-)


  11. You are allowed a "blonde" moment every so often! The room looks great, love the chandelier - I bought one similar that I am using in one of the bedrooms, yummy!

    L x

  12. Thats right, at least you will be in! You are allowed some brain murmurs now and then with all that you have been is looking great too.
    Ness xx

  13. How lovely it will be for you when your home is finally finished and you are all moved in.
    Regardless of how smart we are, don't we all have those blonde moments when we are stretched to our maximum stress levels?
    I adore how your home is turning out.

  14. Yes, we all have those moments. The chandelier is stunning! Ax

  15. It appears that lately we have had a crazy time. It wil settle down. I just love watching the progress. Heidi

  16. Hey, we're all allowed to have blonde moments every now and then :-)

    Love your fireplace and chandelier!!!

    I'm sure there must be a market for chandeliers and bean bags -- sparkly beanie chic?? ;-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  17. Oh it looks sooo beautiful!!!


  18. This is it, Lady? The moment of truth. At last, everybody can breath without any probs, now.

    Happy for what you overcome in every inch of your dream house.

    Cheers Mate!


  19. Thanks for all your lovely comments girls. It is so exciting to be sharing this 'nice' part of the project with you too! The best news is, from the sound of the jackhammers yesterday, they have almost completed the waterproofing of the nasty wall downstairs. I have tried to block it out as there is nothing more I can physically do... besides wring my hands... but I have done enough of that! Fingers crossed. Every time it rains, I will be gritting my teeth, and making a wish! Hermyleen, all my light fittings are available through my webstore at: A-M xx

  20. Sounds like you have been having a fun couple of days, how amazing does that chandelier look. I'd be happy to sit in a bean bag and just stare at it all day. LOL.
    Cheers Linda

  21. Sounds like quite a day! So happy things are coming along so beautifully.



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