Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Busy, McBusy

I'm a bit busy. Sorry about the spartan posts. I promise I will have some photos for you by next week.


  1. Glad it is just "busy-ness" and not "sickness" that has kept you away.
    Looking forward to the photos & your stories as always.
    Bye for now, Christine

  2. Looking forward to a few snaps A-M xv

  3. Gosh I don't know how you do it all!! Can't wait to see some more pics - I'm taking inspiration from your place - so thanks for the tips!
    Keep up the good blog,

  4. Take your time!!!

    Soon, you'll move in your dream HOUSE that A-M build!

    Jst dropping by!

  5. It is great that you are busy it means your home it getting closer to being finished...how exciting

  6. Do whatcha gotta do honey!
    LOVING your house.

  7. A-M, like a wise woman recently said to me "hurry slowly". Take care and can't wait to catch up on latest house goss xx (happy mothers day for Sunday!) x


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