Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Image Courtesy Pottery Barn

Rather quiet on the block (house!.... it's a house, A-M) yesterday... just a lone painter and a lone tiler. Final electricals are done today. I am going to sit cross legged on the filthy floor in the Great Room and put my chandelier together, this morning. All my other light fittings will also be installed today. I have a feeling I am going to be doing a 'light bulb run' down to the lighting shop some time today too. Unfortunately we don't have any electricity to the house so we wont know if any lights will actually work at this stage!

Our painter reckons he is going to be finished the inside by the end of this week and the exterior by the end of next week...... that's good...... as we move in the following Friday. The paint fumes are not for the faint hearted. My little one does the melodramatic clutching at the throat every time he is 'forced' to walk through the place. "I can't breathe, I can't breathe". He still doesn't get that he will be living here in 3 weeks. He associates the place with.... " sit in your chair in the garage and read your book, while Mummy has a meeting. You are not to climb up the ladder or go near the pool. If you interrupt me, there will be no Nintendo on the weekend". Bad Mother. How else do you build a house with kids in tow?

The big pile of dirt in the driveway is gone and now it is just a mud path! The council gas box/water 'thingy'?? is smack bang in the middle of the driveway, sticking out like a sore thumb. Well, that's going to have to go somewhere else.... somehow!

Our tiler is tiling the fireplace today. He can keep me company while I assemble light fittings. I will take some more photos for you today.


  1. Love the lamp!!!

    Klem Anette:)

  2. AM I really dont think your are abad mother, it must be hard building a house with children...I can just see it! We have not started our home yet but when we visit the block (which we should be getting title for this month) our son goes crazy running via the dug out tunnles, jumping in the dirt, climbing mountaints of dirt which I have to say I just love when he gets back into the car! lol.

    I can not wait to see where your house is now and I think your chandleiers will look just perfect! My husband is a Electrician so I have been collection antique chandeliers to pop all over the house. Finally I have them all in storage now ready and waiting.

    My son is 8yo, 9yo next month so very close to your cute little man.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    Siobhan :)

  3. You are so close now, A-M, I bet you can hardly contain yourself!!

    My children are now forced to stay in the car if I go to my place for a 'stalk walk'! With the amount of scaffolding loaded with bricks around the place, it's just too dangerous. I'm not 'supposed' to be there, anyway!! Ssshhhh....dont tell anyone!

    Can't wait for some more photos!

  4. I just love reading your posts every morning it is so wonderful to share such an exciting time with you. Thanks A M.
    Jenny G

  5. Your house is wonderful!! That lamp is yummy - isn't PB the bestest place ever???

  6. Hi I've really enjoyed your blog and will be using lots of your ideas when we start our reno.
    I've only just been able to add comments to your site, but have been regularly viewing your posts. Will now begin commenting.
    Keep up the good work - don't know how you manage it all.
    Only 17 days to go - what are you going to blog about then!!! I'll miss it if you stop.

  7. I have a lighting addiction so I have been collecting light fittings for a while I too are enjoying chossing which one to use and where to put it. It is the fun stage and I am sure that you are enjoying every minute...

    L x

    ps I know what you mean about holidays as our renovation is stretching our budget and we were hoping to be downunder next Feb but will play it by ear as the renovation is munching all our funds quicker than we can earn it :-)

  8. You are not a bad mother....we all do it!
    I confiscated my son's play station this morning for a week, and then gave it back to him about an hour later because I needed to make an 'important' phone call to the cabinet makers....
    Whatever works I say!


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