Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Few Photos

Yes , we have a broom, a bucket and a SHOVEL ,on my beautiful stone benchtop!

I managed to get a few photos of the floors today. The place is pretty much finished on the inside, just waiting for the final clean. Everything is covered in dust... but apart from a few little sock prints, the floors are absolutely perfect. I tried to capture them via camera but these photos don't do them justice... they are beautiful.... half way between semi gloss and matt finish. Jim, the floor man, said they are super hard so they will withstand anything that's thrown at them!

Knobs are on the cabinets in the Great Room

Family/Dining - my dining table will sit under that chandelier.

Study - that wall to the left will have Designers Guild - Cabriole, all over it next week!

Wayne (painter) is putting the finishing touches to the balustrade while the concrete guys set up the form work, for the front steps and slab, from the gate up to the porch steps. Look at all that mud in the driveway! .... and that's the 'dry' version! Access has been a problem.... understatement of the century!

You can see the steps formwork, for the front gate area, sitting in the garage. Concreting will be done tomorrow. Please don't rain. Please don't rain.

Laundry knobs are in. Everything needs a good clean! Look at that grout dust. I myself, would love to get in there and give it all a good scrub.

Still no permanent power or gas... they're going to make us wait, those utility companies. Final invoice from my builder tomorrow. Armed with that, and an occupancy and insurance certificate I am going to start my 'sit in' on the front steps of my mortgage broker, until they send out a valuer in order to process our final loan drawdown. I'm blowed if my paperwork is going to sit in someones 'in-tray' over the weekend, while my babies are camping out on camp beds! Stay tuned!


  1. Looking good AM- love the floors, they have come up beautifully. Sheila

  2. Oh my goodness, A-M! I am speechless! It's all so beautiful, and your floors are stunning. Love your Great Room, love your kitchen, love your Dining/Family and your laundry is just superb! You sound very positive, so I hope the rain hasn't caused any problems to the garage...apart from mud.

    Best wishes for this week! I'm so excited for you!!

  3. You go girl!
    I looking forward to the day when I see your beautiful home featured in Home Beautiful - it's going to happen, I'm sure of it!

  4. Thanks for posting AM, when I am sure you are too busy to scratch yourself! The floors are STUNNING, can I ask what timber you decided on again? And make sure you pack yourself a themos of coffee and a blanket for your sit-in!
    Romana :)

  5. Spotted Gum, Romana. Hard to see in the photos... lots of silvery streaks through chocolate brown. Scrumptious!
    Thanks for your kind words girls. Getting there! A-M xx

  6. Oh A-M,
    Your house is DEVINE! Even with dust & minus the furniture it is just AMAZING. You & your hubby should be very proud of yourselves. It has been a pleasure to watch your home come together. No wonder you want to 'move in' ASAP!

  7. It's all looking fabulous! The floors are beautiful and the 'great' room is gorgeous and looks very relaxing (which will be well deserved!!). Just tell the broker you are all staying at his/her place on the weekend. That might move them!

  8. What a beautiful Lady.

    Fine & elegant.

  9. OOoh how good is this looking! Thanks for posting the pics, gosh you're an absolute trooper. So looking forward to seeing the Study wall all papered up. Make sure you become an true Serial Pest & make your Mortgage Broker well & truly earn their commission.
    Millie ^_^

  10. Wow,it is all coming together.
    Love the floors they are a similar colour and finish to our new floors.What colour is the outside of the house painted cause it looks so nice.Take care,Joanne

  11. Oh sigh...I am just packing my gear now and will help you with the sit in. cant wait to see that paper on the walls.
    Ness xx

  12. Oh, A-M!!! You lucky girl!!! I'm speechless! Everything looks stunning!! Love the floors!


  13. It looks amazing! I LOVE the floors!

  14. Be. Still. My. Beating. Heart. Gob smacked A-M, I mean I knew it would look good but I'm floored (excuse the pun) - so so beautiful. And the exterior colour? Divine. So exciting, SO exciting xx

  15. This house exceeds all of my expectations now that I've seen it with the floors done. I can't wait to see it with all of the furniture and accessories arranged. You have such a beautiful home A-M and I'm so happy that there is a light at the end of the tunnel (and it's not the oncoming train!).

  16. Your home is so beautiful, I guess you can´t whait to move in, who wouldn´t!


  17. It's all looking so beautiful! Love your floors. I can't believe how close it is to being done now. So exciting! :-)

  18. Oh my goodness AM... I can't believe your house is almost completed! I am sooooo excited for you. And you have done such a fabulous job. I am in awe! Wow.. it is sooooo beautiful. What talent you have! So happy for you! Thanks for the sweet comment. It's good to be back in touch with everyone! Hope you are well (are you feeling better?).
    xx Trina

  19. Your house is looking AMZING!!! This has been so fun to watch the process!! Great job!!!


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