Monday, May 18, 2009

Home Stretch

Image Courtesy Southern Accents

The last 2 weeks.... theoretically. Moving day is the 29th. Hasn't it come up fast! We still don't know where we will be sleeping on the 29th. The rate limiting step is my bank. I have been assured that the house itself (everything in our contract) will be finished...... but approvals take time, we are running this one right down to the wire and well.... you know banks... they don't hurry.

The floors are being sanded and polished this Thursday. It will take a few days. So until then, everything inside has to be finished. I saw a cabinetry person floating around on Friday so I assume there will be 'knobs' on stuff, when I turn up this morning. Most of the internal painting has been done. My airconditioning guys are finishing off their stuff today and tomorrow. Range hood is in. Stove will be fully installed, once the floors are done.

Random stone will be finished early this week and 'Lloydy' will make an appearance to finish the pool. My little one's eyes bugged out last night when I informed him that he would have a pool in 2 weeks. It never occurred to him that the hole in the ground would be filled with water and actually become a pool. We've never had a pool before..... pity it's going into winter. Stay tuned for shots of 'winter swimming boys'... I'm sure they will give it a go!

My focus this week is arranging window coverings. I love the one pictured. It would look great in the study with all the black furniture. Sorry folks, but in the first month of occupancy, I feel that 'The House' windows will be shrouded in 'dinosaur sheets'! I have left a few projects for after we move in. It was hard enough keeping my lungs together to get the house built. The fiddly bits can wait.... just get in there A-M, just get through to May 29th (all inclusive!). Meet you all in the pool house, Saturday 30th, for a morning coffee!


  1. Its the final countdown...Na na na naaa!

  2. Oh A.M you are always welcome to stay at my house I have lots of room! But it will not come to this...see you for 'Coffee' on the 3oth!!!

  3. House is looking great, can't wait to see the finished results. Thanks so much for sharing this journey with us, I have totally enjoyed it... looking forward to seeing what you do for window treatments. I have recently moved into house with huge windows and not quite sure which direction to head so am constantly looking for inspiration!!!

  4. Yeah, right! MOVE in and come what may? Start the next day in the pool, as am floating there when you go out in the morning §:-)) waiting for a cup of coffee or 2.

    Just take it easy. How I wish I can help the bank issue §:-)) You think so?

    Anyways, I can't wait till next week. I'll be there.

    Hugs for the great day and wonderful week to come.


  5. I am so loving your thread......what an inspirational home. Can't wait for pics of the finished product.

    Have you checked out the temporary paper blinds that seem to be popular at the moment with new home builders. Some blind suppliers even throw them in the deal, as a temp measure until blinds/curtains are ready for installation. You just attach them with the included adhesive & cut them to size. I believe they're not expensive. You can get them from :

    Redi Shade Australia
    6 / 605 Kingsford Smith Drive
    Hamilton, Brisbane
    Queensland 4007
    Phone: 07 3630 2377
    Fax: 07 3630 1313

  6. Well dinosaur sheets might be a tad more fun than the black plastic bags I've had hanging in our windows for four months! Darn painters tape wears out now and then and I have to retape my curtains. Nice, huh? Classy! One of these days I'll graduate to some sheets perhaps. :-)

  7. you are moving on my birthday! hope your day is beautiful and sunny.
    {is the waterproofing done?}

  8. Curtains? Who needs curtains when you have such an amazing new house to move into (I don't have a single one either!!;) I am so very excited for you on this home stretch! I send you all my happy thoughts for a smooth and easy transition into your gorgeous new home! Think champange, lots and lots of the bubbly!! You deserve it!

  9. oh my goodness!! Only 3 weeks to go!!! And a pool - just in time for summer - your boys will be so excited.


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