Monday, May 11, 2009

The Perfect Day

Mother's Day with my 2 boys? Well it had to involve some sort of fauna.... so we decided on... snakes!

... looking at them.....

....looking for them.....

and hugging them.....

.....of course....



  1. all time favourite (not) lol. Funny thing is yesterday I was helping my son do a project on snakes. It must have been the day for snakes, little boys and mummies! :)

  2. oh look at your boys AM! They look like the best of mates too :)

  3. Snakes??? For Mother's Day? You are brave! Hope you had a great day :-)

  4. Rather them than me! Where are all the photos of you holding them?!
    Clare x

  5. You are an amazing mom A-M!
    I always enjoy your stories about your two little men.
    That couldn't ask for a better mom than you.
    Happy Mother's Day!


  6. Ah A-M, your home looks absolutely amazing. I can see all of those small details coming together now to make a breathtaking whole. I'm glad you had a lovely mother's day, your photo montage was a touching tribute and your boys are so gorgeous.

  7. Were your boys paid large amounts of money to pose for these photos? They're very brave as well as cute!


  8. Cool & cuties but not the snake!

    Hugs to both...

  9. Oh my goodness! Yesterday must truly have been the day for snakes. My sister's scream was heard all over when she found a 3 foot snake curled up in my parents' sunroom as we were planning on sitting down for dinner. It was unseasonably cool here so I think he was looking for some warmth. Very uncommon for it to be where it was, though!
    Looks like your boys had fun!

  10. Thanks for your comments girls. They are very brave boys. They are so full of wonder. They don't even flinch, which worries me sometimes as I wonder what they would do if they came across a real snake.... despite our practice drills, I'm afraid they would forget all they have been taught and try to pat it! A-M xx

  11. Look at those sweet little smiles!


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