Thursday, June 11, 2009

Breakfast At A-M's

This is our little breakfast area. It's a bit bare at the moment. I have a few more bits and pieces to add. It's all very much still in that "I have just moved in" stage. Note that I chose furniture that can be so easily wiped down... no fabric... little boy proof! I am having a gorgeous natural fibre rug made up for this area, with a lovely chunky border in the same fibre... one that will withstand spaghetti and meatballs. I will post a picture as soon it arrives. I am also having beautiful linen sheers made up for all the French Doors..... but they will come a bit later....
The table, chairs and French mirror are all available through my store via special order. Please email me for details.

See how the morning sun is just coming in through the French Doors on the right. It comes in just far enough to warm my feet, while I am making the school lunches. I have my second morning coffee (first one is here, in front of the bloggy blog) on the terrace just outside the kitchen, in the sun, just before the school lunches! Have I mentioned that I am now addicted to coffee... and tea.. any excuse to sit in a pretty spot and ponder.

For those who have emailed me re my floors - they are proving to be a dream.. so easy to clean. I wipe them over once with a dry mop and then a damp mop (just a basic Sabco one, that you can velcro on the attachments). I rinse out the detachable mop attachment a few times during the whole process and then pop it in the wash at the end. My floor guy suggested only using a touch of Morning Fresh detergent for greasy moments as it does not leave a residue. As my floors are a semi gloss (I reckon there's more matt in them than gloss, but that's just my personal, unprofessional opinion) - the mopping does not leave ANY mop marks! I am so pleased as I was not going to be a slave to my floors. I do them just after dinner and they literally take me 10 minutes. Oh and yes, they are a hardwood... Spotted Gum Select. Hilston Wood Floors, Brisbane. Ask for Jim.

PS. Fireplace stone queries..... 'Architectural Ceramics Slate and Stone', Newstead, Brisbane.
I should be on commission! Wait until you see the pool... you'll be emailing me for 'Lloydy's' number next!


  1. I love little areas where you can just sit.I too have one but I just love your breakfast area.I love the mirror too.You have such great taste in your decorating.Joanne

  2. I just looks so darn inviting! Beautiful!

  3. That's a lovely spot! Looking forward to seeing more. Deborah

  4. I love the mirror. And the table, chairs, floors. It is all so wonderful. And there is also a sneak peak of the pool. That is going to be fabulous in summer. Julie

  5. Looks great. I also have those chairs but they are in black. I bought them whilst living in Dubai and are using one as a chair in my study. They are also popular here as laredoute have them in their current catalogue as do okadirect in the UK.

    Cannot wait to see more photos....


  6. The place looks great. Please show the blue roman's, since the first time you mentioned the color I have been waiting to see them and I can't wait any longer. MB

  7. What a brilliant spot to start the day! Lee :)

  8. I love the mirror! Your home is absolutely gorgeous!!! Please keep posting pictures as you're able.

    Re the floors - I've had hardwood floors in my last two homes. I've also had tile, carpet, and linoleum. Wood has been the easiest to maintain by a huge margin. I LOVE being able to wipe up spills (I have two kids and pets). We also have a Roomba to control the dust bunnies. The floor practically cleans itself.

  9. Spacious, indeed, Lady---

    Hope the lil men enjoys the healthy brekky serve!

    Have blissful w/end to all.

  10. I have been looking around at your post, and I LOVE your house and how you have decorate it...lovely, so tastefull..



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