Friday, June 26, 2009

It's All Happening

We're filling our pool! ......first from the rainwater tanks and then from town water. I don't feel so guilty starting with the rainwater. We have 2 large tanks so they will fill half of it. Little one has been keeping a vigil since it was dark this morning.

House Update:

Fireplace works perfectly now. Yanked out of the wall and then reinstalled correctly. It's just so nice to be able enjoy it now, for this short winter we will have.

New painter starts next Tuesday. He will be redoing ALL the internal gloss work and some cornices, repairing walls that were never prepped and have big gouges in them, and painting some walls that had only received un undercoat! We are getting a Master Painter out to take samples of the exterior paint work as one of my pool guys (who had been a painter previously) said "hey love, sorry to tell you this, but that's only one coat there". Can you believe it????

Our music system is just divine. I have not lived with music for so long... it changes the way you live. "Lets put some music on for dinner". Morning coffee to the dulcet tones of Michael Buble. I have a bit of a crooners addiction which I am currently inflicting on my Armchair Trader Blog readers!..... in small doses!
I spend so much time in front of the computer, I thought I may as well take my music with me..... if it's not blaring through this fabulous sound system that these guys installed. They also do all my brother's property developments so we're keeping it in the family! If you are in Brisbane and after some smart wiring, sound systems, security, give Nic, from Smart Environments, a call on 1300 763 880. They come HIGHLY recommended. Their after installation service is outstanding. Wow, someone I can rave about. I could get used to this. Lloydy, you're next! More tomorrow.


  1. your little boys are just gorgeous, hope they get that first swim before too long Sheila

  2. Geez, I'd hate to be the new painter, coming in to repair someone else's rubbish work !! Let's hope his standard of work does your house credit.

  3. So pleased you've got things back on track! Can imagine how excited your boys must be seeing the pool fill up, bet you are getting an almighty kick out of that.

    Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog, it was really appreciated, Mrs C x

  4. This post reminded me of the horror of one particular painter during our renovations (I completely forgot about it until now. There is hope this will all be a faint memory for you one day, too!). He had just cleaned up after 'finishing' the job and I was about to pay him when, for some unknown reason, I had to go into a storage room and found the 5 gallon pails of paint for the job unopened. All he had used was the tinted primer!
    So glad the other fixes are going well. It will be exactly as you want it to be one day soon!

  5. I bet the boys can't wait to jump in that pool!

  6. I love the pic of the vigil your little one is keeping on the pool. Just wait until it's filled, you won't be able to keep them out of it! Have a fantastic weekend A-M, I can't wait to read more next week!

  7. Yeah good for you. Always up for some good news. I shudder at the repainting news but then it will look just beautiful (er)
    Your music on armchair trader lifted my day yesterday so all good there!

  8. Have a great weekend A-M and I'm sure all these bits and pieces will come together for you. Your little boy is so cute. If only we could all retain the wonder and joy of the small pleasures in life. Julie

  9. Woo-Hoo for the pool! You are all going to love it.

  10. Looks like it's coming together great!

    Awwww, music throughout the house would be something for our next house. I love it but we just don't have that function in this house... maybe we can add it?


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