Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Nook

Photo taken by my youngest -didn't he do a good job! "Go take a photo of Kim's birdies for me darling"......all so professional here now at 'The House'.

New idea.... "Monday Nook" Posts. Now that I have the opportunity to be creative, each Monday morning I will be featuring a little nook, somewhere in my home. This Monday, we will start with the darling little birds I purchased from my 'online store buddy', Kimberlee, over at her shop, Brown Button Trading. Us 'onliners', we're a unique bunch. Take a look at her gorgeously groovy shop. Love ya stuff Kim!

PS. 'Monday Bed Posts' will still continue over at my shoppe blog - can't give up the Monday beds!


  1. Hooray! I love your new actual pictures each day. I also am loving being the first to post! Thanks for visiting me yesterday, it's always lovely to hear from you. How is the driveway coming along?

  2. Great little nook, and great picture :-) Looks like your son is a photographer in the making!!

    The white birds are very sweet. I really like them displayed on the stack of books :-)

    Have a good Monday!!


  3. I am really loving the posts you are doing of your home, now that you've moved in. It's all looking so wonderful! Love this little vignette you have created - with not just the birds but the bird picture behind it.

  4. Have just found your blog - your house is amazing. Have just made mention of you in my blog. Love the white birds too!

  5. Oh what a delightful treat! Love those birdies and as an accessory with those books it's just perfect.

  6. Nice initiative! I like it! and I like those cute birds!

  7. Gotta love *Monday Nook* great idea, ok also loving your mirror in your Powder Room, it really is to die 4!!

    Lyn xxx

  8. I'll try AGAIN! - I commented yesterday but computer has been playing funny buggers and now won't work at all (!*&$%$!) - so doing this from work.
    THANK YOU! the birdies look so at home in your pretty nook, and your son must be commended for his photography work. Actually, if he is looking for some pocket money tell him he can do all the photography for my website, I'm onto my THIRD photographer in just over a month - NIGHTMARE!!!
    SO exciting seeing the place all coming together xx

  9. Yes, you have a true photographer in the making here A-M! And Miss K's. birdies look at treat.
    Millie ^_^


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