Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Nook

Today's nook is actually not really a nook, well maybe it is, sort of..... a little portion of my kitchen bench, displaying the gorgeous housewarming gift my new next-door neighbours, Denise and Ray, presented me with yesterday.

During one of our morning coffee sessions, Denise (instant new best friend) noticed that I have a few pieces of the Royal Albert Zandra Rhodes china collection so she and her husband, Ray, found me the beautiful matching jug..... that now will sit proudly on my kitchen bench, full of flowers... for like... ever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Denise and Ray.....Denise reads my blog, even though she's like 10 metres away...... might miss something between our morning coffee's!

It's me who should be bearing gifts: to compensate for hubby accidently leaving our VERY bright outside sidelights on all night..... they shone directly into their main bedroom....... oh and for the scary noises coming from our heating unit (also outside said bedroom window) yesterday....... before it promptly blew up! Denise and Ray have an 11 year old son who has also become my eldest's 'instant new best friend'.

House Update, in '25 words or less', give or take 25 words:

*fast internet connection is now slow again, due to some interference with Foxtel, which doesn't work at all now!

*front fence renderers didn't turn up at all last week and rain is now forecast for all of this week.... delaying painting, front electrical work, gate installation, paving.

Another eventful week at "The House" I am sure.... never a dull moment. Oh some good news... study wallpaper is being done today. I will have to show you pictures of that tomorrow!


  1. What a wonderful neighbours you have. And of course, the kids will be the best of friends too, automatically! Wonderful...

    Love the welcoming gift. Such a beauty.

    Ahhh... so much to do but owning a house have a never ending projects. That I love... mobilizing both me and hubby. Rather be a soff-potatoes.

    Have a blissful week ahead dear, Lady...

    hugs to the your 3M's

  2. I know plenty of US builders and painters who can do a much better job that you would love when they were done. Want me to send them your way!?!?!

  3. A.M. you must have the patience of Job, I would have had a nervous breakdown long ago. Your journey is inspirational, still. My builders are back today and reading your blog makes me eternally grateful for all the tradesmen I have used for the renovations so far, they have been so accomodating and thoughtful. Keep up the good work!

  4. Whoa...I disappear for a couple months, and you are in your house already! Congratulations! It looks fantastic! :D

  5. You know dear A-M, I reckon this is about the shortest list of To-Do's you've posted on in ages (if ever!). I guess if there's a positive here, that is it. Soon there won't be a list at all - get the Champers ready for that momentous moment!
    Millie ^_^
    P.S. Clone those gorgeous neighbours & send them down immediately!

  6. A-M, that jug is just beautiful. No wonder you want to have it on display all the time.
    Do you have a pic of all your other matching pieces? Would love to see them.
    Hope you get your painting woes sorted out real soon. As for the heating OMG you definatly need it this time of year, hope it gets sorted asap!

  7. Wow A-M - it's all so divine. What a great job you've done. I can see a magazine spread coming soon...

  8. It never seems to finish does it A-M....keep on keeping on, xv.

  9. Hi A-M

    I've just had a leisurely read of all that's been happening in the last month at your place. The house looks so beautiful - you've done a truly wonderful job. All the agonising over every individual item pays off in the end and is the difference between an ordinary and wonderful house and wow have you achieved wonderful. Congratulations - may you live long and happy in your fabulous house! Leigh

  10. This housewarming gift is so cute!! I love butterflies! Who makes it? I would love to check out more. Daisy


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