Wednesday, June 17, 2009


No desk chair yet. Arriving soon.

Oh my! We have another room we are in love with. Even without a desk chair (we are using a kitchen one until the proper one arrives) rugs, a coffee table and window coverings.... delayed gratification is ever so sweet. What do you think? The photos don't do it justice. I keep forgetting to photograph in daylight (too busy making Anzac biccies for the renderers and 'Lloydy'... oh and sitting having tea with them!). In real life, the wallpaper defines the corners of the room and makes the room look even bigger than it is. It provides a real third dimension.... like one of those 'play with your eyes rides' at the fair! Last night, my hubby and I sat on the sofa opposite the wall with a glass of red each, musing about how Tricia Guild is our new favourite person in the world.... "better than artwork", hubby said..... bigger than artwork!

That's the start of hubby's liquor cabinet, over there on the table. He keeps referring to the study as his 'parlour'.

Being a hopeless stager, you will have to imagine the natural fibre rug, bordered in black, in front of the chairs, with a low coffee table ( perfect for all hubby's home work appointments). The windows and doors will have Roman blinds to match. Just like this..... my curtain people are making to the photo!

Image Courtesy Pottery Barn

House update, in 25 words or less, give or take 25.

Front fence renderers have started and the front gates have been ordered. They are the same design as the front porch balustrade. 'Lloydy' was here yesterday scraping out the muck in the pool. All the filter stuff has been elegantly dumped in the pool house until it can be installed behind the pool house sometime in the next week or so.

I had a lovely day yesterday, only after my trainer severely 'smashed' me (as he puts it) to make up for all my building appointment excuses for sporadic attendance over the past 9 months. You asked me to message you if I was hurting Shaunie..... I'm hurtin'! I road tested our sound system with a bit of Michael Buble, bit of flamenco guitar, while cooking biscuits for tradesmen, lending an ear to those who needed it and wrapping my shoppe purchases on my kitchen bench. I can honestly say that yesterday was the first day I have really cherished 'alone' time in my home. All the traddies were working outside. Oh the renderers have just arrived and Foxtel is on his way to fix up... you guessed it, another thing that isn't working! I'm off to make them all a coffee. It's cold outside!


  1. WOW! lovely 'parlour', no - stunning 'parlour' - and the rug and curtains will look amazing in there. yippee! xx

  2. What a stunning, sophisticated study! That wallpaper is truly like art...

  3. Life at the new A-M household sounds busy but delightful. And your study looks pretty damn gorgeous even without the roman blinds, rug etc! Lee :)

  4. You are a girl after my own heart with your Buble (love him too) and your amazing wall paper! I love your style, it is perfect! Can't wait to see your fab shades and rug!

  5. Finally, I was trying to post a comment for ages. Simply couldn't.
    Love the wallpaper. Roman blinds will be absolutely perfect. Love it all. Great study!! (How that table does looks from the back? It would look perfect positioned in middle of the room.)

  6. Wow first time on your blog and so happy I found it. What an amazing post. That paper is perfection. I totally agree with you and your hubby. Can't wait to catch up read some more.

  7. Your study/hubby's parlour is going to be stunning when it's all done!! The wallpaper is fantastic, and I LOVE those silver lamps!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  8. It's just wonderful A-M. You must be fuelled by excitement at this point. Wallpaper is so fresh and vibrant. And i'm also loving that desk and clock. Lovely!

  9. I am with Viera. The table would look great away from the wall with the paper as the background...lush.
    Thats so cute that Hubby wants a parlour.
    I am so glad you are having fun with your toy.
    Ness xx

  10. I've been looking forward to seeing this wall paper! It looks fantastic! You must be rapt with how everything is coming together. Well done :-)

  11. Hi A-M, I think your study is looking fantastic!


  12. Thank you for your lovely comments girls. Ness and Viera, we considered the desk out from the wall but what would we do with the lamps and their cords, if it was facing the other way. Also the desk front is so ornate and the back is quite tragic! The chair we have on order is just beautiful, deliberately chose one that had a beautiful back so that it looked good from behind tucked up in front of the desk. Anna, point taken (from your corresponding blog post) about not doing the whole room but we just couldn't afford it! We also have a lot of things on the other walls that are needed in the whole office thingy setup. I must admit, once my wallpaper was hung, I did say to wallpaper man, "what else can we wallpaper?"..... this could become an expensive addiction! I am so totally a wallpaper girl now. The unfortunate thing about most of my rooms is the wallpaper wastage due to the windows everywhere.... too many windows! A-M xx

  13. Oh, I know exactly what it's like with the old B word! I'm always too dam extravagant! It really does look great though. You must be so thrilled!!

  14. what a gorgeous room!! the wallpaper is stunning. As lovely as the photo is, I am betting that in person it is even prettier. My photos never 'look' like they actually feel.
    love, love the lampshades!! perfect!


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