Thursday, July 9, 2009

Could It Be?

Thanks guys for all your attempts/emails. No joy yet. Could it be a Mozilla Firefox vs Internet Explorer problem? C'mon 'Norbie', cousin-in-law, techie guru, in Melbourne, work it out for me pet! I use Mozilla. Am I clashing with IE users?
A-M xx


  1. I hate technology. Just thought I'd see if I can leave a comment seeing no-one else has. I use Mac and Mozilla for what it's worth. Hope you find someone to rectify the problem soon.

  2. Hi A-M
    I've tried to post a comment at least 3 times today. I have a problem not only with yours but also with quite a few mostly Australian blogs.
    Hope something can be done.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Blogger have no right using the 'catastrophic' - I have exclusive use of it for MOTH's little mishaps!!!!
    Millie ^_^

  4. Hi A-M,
    funny you say that...I have been over in WA using hubby's laptop for the last 3 weeks and each day when i went into your blog, it opened up, but within a few seconds barred me from viewing and then clicked me out of the page. His computer is set up with IE as the browser. But, I am home now, and I use Mozilla on my computer and am able to view your blog and leave comments no problem.
    I was having some issues posting to my owbnblog via his computer too, which seems funny as I am logged in as the same user both here and there....maybe it's some issue that blogger is having at the moment with transferring info between the browsers...
    Not sure but hope they fix it soon.
    XX Rachael

  5. I am using mozilla and have had no dramas...

  6. Oh Rachael, I think you are onto it! Come to think of it when I changed over computers, I had been previously using Mozilla on my old computer and when I tried to create posts on my blog, through IE, on my new computer I had problems. Hubby suggested setting Mozilla as the default and I had no problems posting after that. It does seem a bit suspicious that my blog is the only one that people are having problems with. Surely my builders haven't mucked up my blog as well. Ha! Just my luck! A-M xx

  7. Katrina, there's a thought... I post in Mozilla and those using the Mozilla browser don't have any problems with my blog. Jeeves are we getting closer? A-M xx

  8. Hi A-M,

    I sent you an email a few weeks ago as I was mortified I couldn't read anything or post any comments! I'm so relieved I wasn't the only one either! I am using a PC with IE as my browser. I was able to post a comment a few days ago with no trouble at all, but yesterday I had all sorts of issues again! Fingers crossed it all works for me this time! I have had no other issues with posting on my blog, nor viewing any one elses using IE.

    I do hope you sort it out soon!!!

  9. A-M, Ive wanted to say something for awhile now but did not want to sound like a negative Nelly,I use Mozilla also and when I log onto you site it take along time to load and sometime it freezes and I have to leave and come back. I think Ive had a prob once or twice to leave msgs. Im not a techie at all so I thougth it was just me. I have to delete the whole process and start new. I love your blog so I always come back . The new house , the new picures are beautiful. I love your choices. Im happy your are pleased with everything. Julie in Holland .... enjoy!

  10. I emailed you a while back because of this and have since up-graded my browser to IE8, thinking that might solve the problem. Nope. I can tell you that the problem is with most Blogger websites, from all geographical locations, but always, in my experience, specifically Blogger sites. From what I've found out it seems to be a known problem and they are 'working on it'. In the meantime, I have to say that I'm actually relieved that it wasn't just me alone having problems. There's nothing like feeling out on a limb!
    And by the way...I'm typing this in your 'Comment' box (your site took 3 attempts to load) and if it goes through on your site I shall hang out the bunting and celebrate because it worked...for once! If not this will be winging its way to you again via trusty email. :)


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