Friday, July 3, 2009

The House That A-M Built

I think the last time I posted a picture of the front elevation of the house, there was a big pile of dirt in the driveway and a port-a-loo off to the side!

So here she is today, waiting for a coat of paint for the front wall (it's just bare render at present), and the beautiful front gates we have on order. The gates will be similar in design to the porch balustrade. Some greenery would be nice too. We plan to plant a leopard tree in the 'garden-bed-to be, behind the wall, off to the right side.... and something else green, down the sides. The front steps and courtyard, up from the gate, will be paved in the same stone that we have out on the terrace.... eventually. The front wall lights are sitting in a cupboard, in my laundry, waiting for hubby to paint the front wall ..... and there they will sit while the back wall painting is completed first. We have one tiny strip of lawn up to the front gate, which our landscaper dropped off one day... excess from a job he was doing. At least it gives us a relatively 'clean' entrance up to the gate. The rest is dirt with building remnants all through it. It is still such a work site... I pick up stuff everyday and dump it in the bin.

So that's her. It's amazing to sit back and look at her now. The first house I have ever built. I know everything about her, every nook, cranny, beam, window dimension, tile. It is a surreal feeling to know her so intimately. She does have a presence in the street but she sits nestled into the block so comfortably, like she has always been there..... and living in her?... she's light and bright and warm and she feels like I have always known her. I love her now, even with all her flaws and blue sticky defect spots. She feels like home.


  1. you have created such a beautiful place!

  2. She's beautiful - hope you have a lovely weekend enjoying the gorgeous "house that A-M created". Leigh

  3. And that is the way it should feel after all of the tears and sweat that have gone into her. Enjoy your lovely home A-M!

  4. It is so lovely to hear that your house feels like a home. It is all looking very tidy out front and will look superb when all the final touches go in. Don't you wish these husbands of ours could take a whole block of time off to do all the painting jobs they have lined up and get them over and done with?!
    Clare x

  5. gosh she is beautiful A-M. I have a little tear. What an incredible masterpiece you have created, and what an incredible home.

    Personally I'm not quite sure why you didn't leave the port a loo out the front - such a statement piece, classic styling really!......

    Enjoy the home you built this weekend beautiful xx

  6. She is should be very proud.

  7. Looks like it belongs on the block. The driveway looks like it works in well with the gorgeous grey stonework paving. What is the driveway made from?

  8. Thanks girls. Cat, the driveway is just an exposed aggregate in a 'Salt and Pepper' design.... black, white and various greys. A-M xx

  9. Hello MA
    Beautiful already ;) I think it will look stunning with some big gates ! You must be a happy girl after all the work. Have a good weekend,,, here school holidays start so out of work for 6 weeks ;)

  10. Lady A-M,
    You created her with all your heart. She's beautiful like the creator. I know, you will get old in here with your young men and another generation.

    She stands still so nicely and will stand many more decades to come.

    Congrats, dear friend and wishing you a blissful w/end. Hugs to your 3M's & of course to you.

    Take care & chill out another day.

  11. Hi A-M, I have really enjoyed the journey you have shared as you've created your house. She is beautiful, well done and thank you.xx

  12. She's just Beautiful A-M! You should be so proud of the house that you have built! I am!! She's a 'happy house' and it shows!

  13. Hooley Dooley - what a fantastic sight! I reckon this beauty will take curb crawling in BrisVegas to a whole new level! I can see the boys setting up their lemonade stand now, taking full advantage of the sightseers loose change. A beautiful house for a beautiful family.
    Millie ^_^

  14. A-M you've created something so beyond beautiful I am completely in awe of your cleverness ;)

    Anna :)

    p.s I wanna see the laundry!!! :P


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