Friday, July 17, 2009

It's Time For Some DIY

We take delivery of 144 square metres of turf today so tomorrow, Mr A-M, A-M and 'friend' are going to attempt to lay it right here.

This area is at the top of our block. We terraced the block so we could have an area for the boys to play on lawn, beyond the pool. Hence the block was cut into 3 levels, lawn, pool area and living and the garage level.

It's a long walk from the front footpath to the 'soccer field to be', up the back, and it is so NOT wheelbarrow accessible...... so transporting the turf will all be via hand with blood, sweat and tears (my contribution, I'm sure). We have to carry it up past the house, up 10 side steps, along a path, up 3 more steps, through the pool gate, past the pool and up 8 more steps. It is going to be interesting. If I can recall, I tried to lift a roll of turf once, ... and it didn't budge. On Saturday, I will, theoretically be lifting many!

Do you like our pool filter? We call it the 'Tardis'. It sits behind our pool house and will eventually be disguised somehow. Lloydy installed a larger filter than we really need to ensure that it will never be 'overstrained' and will run smoothly. Good on ya Lloydy. Hey where are you? You have still got some tiles and a gurney to collect. Lloydy generally turns up around dinner time so we might see him this weekend for a meal and a laugh!

Looking back, from the 'soon to be turfed' area, to the house. Those second floor windows are the ones painted shut and they are still just an undercoat. They look ok from here though!

Can't wait to use the pool. Lloydy has installed beautiful blue lights that light up the inside of the pool at night. It's magical!

Lloydy masquerades as 'Lloyd A. Brouwers', Future Pools and Spas Pty Ptd (phone: 0413 434 474). He builds the best pools, is meticulous, never has to advertise (as people just gossip about his great work) and he has never been known to say no to a coffee, an anzac biscuit, A-M's special toasted wraps or any substantial meal for that matter! Love ya Lloyd.

A-M xx


  1. Having done the task that you are about to tackle my only suggestion is to find many more friends to help. My husband and I thought we could do a similar sized job ourselves. We ended up with another 3 adults helping with three wheelbarrows accessible from front footpath to back - we were exhausted. Can you get it through the back fence somehow?
    One good thing though - at least it's the weather for carting turf!!

  2. Oh boy - your bodies will ache after doing all that work ... but I am sure the end result will be fabououls and you will have a great space for the boys to play soccer. My oldest is so much into soccer. I am sure he would love to come over and play :-)

  3. I think you will need a good soak in the tub after all that.. I'd pop over and help... but you know just can't find a flight! I didn't realise you had SO much backyard. Lovely .. your boys will be in heaven. Oh and good on yer Lloydy. One of the good guys! Julie

  4. Um ok, so not jealous of your weekend chores A-M. Wish I was there to be the drinks chick! good luck!!!! xxx

  5. Certainly not envious of this one AM, good luck! Have the nurofen ready :(
    (As a quick thought - would a sack-trolley help? They can go up steps backwards fairly easily and you would be able to put 3-4 rolls of turf on it each time. Might save a bit of back-break?).

  6. Wow, sounds like it is going to be worse than a gym session! Hopefully Mr A-M and friend will be keen to show off their muscles and do most of the heavy lifting and you can just spend your energy telling them where they have laid the turf crooked! It is going to be a great soccer field when finished though. I wonder how many balls will go into the pool?!
    Clare x

  7. Bon courage, you know that it will be worth it in the long run!

    Think of it as a good work out!

    Leeann x

  8. All the tears tomorrow will be worth it. We just had our front landscaping done and I watched the boys lay the turf yesterday (we didn't have 144sqm though) and wow, what a difference it makes. Will be thinking of you.

    Your pool filter is the same as ours, yep it's big! They are fantastic filters, our installer loves them. We are going to screen ours with "something". I think yours looks great tucked behind the pool house wall. Once the plants grow you'll hardly see it.

    oh and we have blue lights too :-) and also some green covers if we ever want to get adventurous.

    Thanks again for your fencing measurements, Jim quite happily changed the plan to keep me happy and we should have it early next week.

    Happy turfing!

  9. Sorry, forgot to ask before, how long is your block? Ta :-)

  10. Oh A-M you have the most lovely terraced yard! My father owns a turf farm so I've spent many a summer hauling around rolls of turf. I feel your pain already but it will be so worth it when you've got that big green space to enjoy. I can't wait to see the final result!

  11. Oh boy A-M, that sounds like loads of fun.....NOT!!! But just think how wonderful it will look!! And at least you'll get the job done right since you will be doing it yourself!!;) Good luck! j.

  12. Your pool really is beautiful, and it suit your home perfectly. I love it!

  13. Toni, the block is about 58m long and 14m wide. Around 800 sqm, 31 perch. It is classified a small lot as it is less than 15m wide at the front. As well as the small lot restrictions, we are in a demolition control and character code zone so we had to jump through a few hoops to get everything underway. I knew my design would pass the character code first time though! A-M xx

  14. Good luck, I guess you won't have to go to the gymn for a month after doing the turf.

    I hope you know a cheap masseur!

  15. Lucky for Lloydy, not all pool men are so meticulous and fabulous! Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

  16. wow - love the pool and soon to be luxurious sized yard! can't wait till it's all done up!


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