Saturday, July 4, 2009

Latest Goss From The Study

Don't mind the blue stickers everywhere - they're the defect stickers, still keeping us company after 5 weeks in the house!

Latest additions to the study...... a bordered sisal rug and a coffee table. Still waiting on the desk chair so the kitchen ones will have to suffice at present. It was a very windy, cold day here in sunny Brisbane yesterday so I sat on that very sofa with my feet up on that very coffee table, tapping away on my computer. For some strange reason, the heating is the warmest in the study so I ditched the freezing cold 'Frog Room' aka 'Armchair Trader Gimp Room' downstairs and set myself up in this lovely space... complete with piped guitar music!
Have a lovely weekend everyone. I am scooting off to the Trade Fair here in Brisbane, with my 'instant, new best friend, neighbour'. See you Monday.


  1. What an absolutely wonderful room. Congratulations! It looks terrific.

  2. Love the new additions to the study A-M! Have a great day at the fair. Ax

  3. The study is absolutely gorgeous, A-M! It's so timeless, and looks so cosy. You have done an amazing job on everything.

    Love the coffee table! :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the Trade Fair!

  4. Beautiful :-) I just love that wallpaper -- it makes such a statement, but doesn't overwhelm the room. And that big clock is fantastic!!

    Enjoy the Trade Fair :-)


  5. Your room is just so lovely! Your style is inspiring. Thanks!

  6. A-M, the study is beautiful!! I love your use of black. So eleqant, yet comfortable. You did a lovely design. Happy Weekend to you! j.

  7. The study looks great. So many things of interest in there. Love the antique side table and is that a baseball pic top right? Looks great in the black & white. Have a fabulous 'girl' time at the fair. Julie

  8. I think I could achieve almost anything in a study this beautiful - or perhaps nothing but gazing about in wonder...


  9. Hi A-M, I love your study, the new additions look great. Thanks for your comment on my blog, just wanted to let you know that you are my first comment from a non related person. I was so excited. xx

  10. Beautiful, I love that wallpaper (and I am not a wallpaper person). It is a GREAT great room!

  11. Hi A-M.

    Love the blog, I am really impressed with your house, it is amazing. I wondered if you could tell me a few little things though.

    1. Your bar stools in the kitchen are devine, and tips on where I can find them in Victoria?
    2. Is there a blog before this one with the start of your house building? I seem to only come in half way, and would love to see it from the begining
    and 3. (this one is from the husband) did you design the house yourselves, or is it a companies design?

    Thanks :)


  12. April, the bar stools are the Villa Maison bar stools that I sourced for a customer. They ended up being too high for her kitchen so I kept them and cut 10cm off each of them for my kitchen!

    There is a blog before this one. I have it sitting over at WordPress (in sort of storage). I was too honest in the first part of my house build and my builders threatened to sue me so I took it down and stored it away. I'm the only one who has access to it. I am still trying to work out what to do with it as if I censor it to make 'people' happy, there would be nothing left of it!

    I designed the house myself, from chicken scratch drawings on a notepad. Next time, I will still do the same but have a more professional set of plans drawn up, as the subcontractors had a lot of trouble with my plans drawn up by my builders. If you would like a copy of my plans to start from, I can email you a copy. If you click on my side bar 'Journey' Photos, you will see some of the early photos of the build in my Picassa Web Album. A-M xx

  13. The study is just amazing - I love it more each time you post on it A-M. I reckon this room is going to get a lot of use, it's so inviting & welcoming - just a fab job girl!
    Millie ^_^

  14. I meant to say I am not at all happy with this study...... JOKES. I am truly jealous and that's why I can't say anything nice hahahahahaha!!!!!!!! :))))

  15. Beautiful, A-M.
    Just popped by to see what you are up to.
    My aren't you the busy girl!
    Great job.
    Your pool looks so stunning all lit up.



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