Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mother Love

My boys, worshipping at the shrine of their cousin, Miranda Rose, who just recently turned one.

A mental break from the whole painting thing to inform you of my recent "Bursting With Pride Mother Moment'.

'Big One' came home last week to announce that he has been made 'Captain of Guitar' for the Prep School. Not bad, considering he has only been learning for 16 months. He loves guitar, can't walk past it without picking it up. He has the grooviest teacher (classical and jazz trained) who loves to finish each lesson with a bit of classic rock. My boy does a mean electric guitar version of: Stairway to Heaven, Money For Nothing, Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits....... and the guitar riff in Thunderstruck - ACDC?.... makes your hair stand on end! I must be the only Mother in the world who screams, "turn it up", from the other end of the house!

Now 'Little One', I am equally proud. Your 'running writing' is superb and your Harry Potter reading-out- loud is mesmerizing! The shopping list he wrote last night, while I dictated.... priceless! I love how he never asks me how to spell something... he just grits his teeth and writes whatever!

Life just doesn't get any better. Boys, your Mum loves ya!
A-M xx


  1. Your motherly love posts are always the sweetest. Such cute boys you have. I am sure you are proud of them on a daily basis. Well they will be well rewarded when summer kicks in and the pool out the back becomes 'reality'. x Julie in Australia [just a little joke for Julie in Holland who came to visit me also]. Have a great day all!

  2. Your boys sounds lovely, you're justifiably proud!!

  3. awee Julie@beingRuby,Im really laughing because, since Ive been reading the blogs, I have come across lots of Julies.Growing up in my school there were none,just a couple of Judys. Yes, I loved your blog also soo many nice pictures. Thanks to you BOTH for sharing and being so nice and taking the time. Ill be stopping by ... Julie in Holland...

  4. Oh he sounds fab, can play a lot on that guitar. I'm seeing AC/DC in feb, should be an experience!!


  5. You are such a darling mom! I wish I knew you personally! I have two boys too ... a 21-month-old and an almost-three-month-old. :) Lots of fun!

  6. What a beautiful family! Big One looks like he's going to be movie-star-handsome, you will be beating the girls off that gorgeous new porch of yours!


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