Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Purchase

Driving along, running some errands, minding my own business and wham, found this little beauty, for half price.... currently staged with everything I could find from my shoppe, that sort of matches.... for the purpose of the photo, of course! Excuse the long sentence... I'm excited!

It's funny, I had an overwhelming feeling yesterday that I would find something special... maybe that's because I finally got to escape from the house for a few hours! Freedom! You see, I am literally trapped in my house, whilst tradesmen are still here..... well it's now just Wilfred, the French painter... but the random person 'pop in's' keep me busy too!

Yep, 'swallowed' by the house. Not that I am complaining. I could think of worse places to be trapped for 3 months! I love hanging out in my 'floor plan'. Just as well I work from home... although I have never consumed so much coffee in my life. "Oh, hi, would you like a coffee?...great, might have one myself too!"
A-M xx

PS. Turf looks fabulous. Will take photos. Still can't lift my arms.
Wilfred is motoring along. Still can't open painted shut windows. Working around them for now!


  1. Ooooh! It's gorgeous, A-M! What a find, and for half the price it was...even better!! Well done!

    Can't wait to see the turf pics...look after those arms today ;-) !

  2. Well done you - it's gorgeous. Is there anything better than finding something you love and getting a bargain? Leigh

  3. What a beauty! To say I am jealous would be an understatement as that's exactly the thing (in exactly the right colour) that I've been searching for in Melbourne (in vain I might add) to place in my hallway. But after all that you have been through with your house build, you definitely deserve to have the Gods smiling down on you. I must say, it looks very lovely with the mirror above it. Great find!! Lee :)

  4. You & that gorgeous beauty were meant to find each other A-M, it looks fantastic! MOTH reckons he has a magic formula for dealing with your windows, email me if you want & I'll get him to pass on his 'secret'!
    Millie ^_^

  5. Ooo I'd love to have a coffee and a chat!!

    That purchase looks fantastic, no wonder you are excited.xxx

  6. Hey there, Have come over via Julie at Being Ruby and I am in awe and great admiration on reading about your project....I shall follow your progress avidly ( even though I'm a bit of a latecomer !!! ) Looking forward to hearing more stories of your build. XXXX

  7. The mirror looks beautiful with your new purchase. It was just "meant to be". Enjoy it . :) Julie in Holland.

  8. Fabulous buy - you must be very pleased with yourself for finding it before anyone else did!

    Leeann x

  9. I think your home will begin to 'sing' now! Everything is coming together! You deserve it! Julie

  10. Wonderful jailbreak/housebreak find A-M! It has great lines! And love a bargin, especially a half off bargin!
    Don't you love those days when you have the "shine" and just know you're going to find something special?!

  11. Very pretty cabinet and half price too? It was definitely your lucky day and the whole setting looks beautiful together.

  12. That's an amazing purchase of the day, isn't it? A fabulous piece that fits in your new and wonderful home.



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