Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The House Before A-M Built

We had a lovely surprise on the weekend. A gentleman was standing out the front of our house taking photographs. He turned out to be one of the children who grew up in the original house...... the one that was moved out of town and renovated. His parents passed away just before we purchased the place 4 years ago and he was just a baby when the house was built in 1947. He grew up here and the kids he played with in the street, back in the 1950's, are now elderly gentlemen still living in the street!

He was over the moon when we offered to show him through our place. I showed him the pictures of what his original home now looks like, relocated and renovated. He had a tear in his eye. He was delighted with our home. He loved how it fits into the street and is sympathetic to the era of homes that are still in the area. He took lots of photos and shared memories of his parents and their lives in this area over the past 50 years. He was so sweet. He said his Mum and Dad would have been so happy to see what we have done with the block and to see the street alive again with children. It was such a lovely afternoon.




  1. Instead of tearing down the existing house... it was relocated? That is soooo great!

  2. Another sweet story in the life of the A-M House. It is funny to see your childhood home torn down.. I just haven't got back to look. I am sure he was happy the house has a new life now. Thanks for sharing this.. Julie

  3. I bet you are wistfully looking at that Hills Hoist now ...

  4. It truly makes you wonder and appreciate at what a small world it actually still is out there. Beautiful photos A-M and what a way to chronicle the transformation. It's good to remind yourself how far you actually have come.

  5. Such a lovely post A-M. We had a similar thing happen at our old house. An elderly man was taking photos of it & MOTH wandered out for a chat with him. It turned out that his Mother died when he was 5 & he was sent to live with 2 spinster Aunts who lived at the house in the 1940's. His time there was devoid of love or any happiness really, he cried as he spoke of the pain. We bought him inside & had afternoon tea, & he saw that the house was now full of all the boys, dogs & much happiness. He wrote to us later saying that it had been an intense experience but had bought him much closure. You did a very fine thing.
    Millie ^_^

  6. That was a lovely thing to do. Once while watching some dreadful tv real estate show, I saw my childhood home for sale.

    Everynow and then we go and drive past it, and see how its doing. It is nice if it is looked after and new families are growing up inside.

    I always think each home should have it's own journal, passed onto new owners to each tell their story about time in the house.

  7. What a GREAT story A-M!! (We both had wonderful new guests this weekend!) How special that you were able to show him what his old house looks like now. Did he know it had been moved, or did he think it had been torn down? He must have been so happy to know that it lives on....

  8. Thanks girls. Joan, he was aware that the house had gone somewhere else (on the back of a truck in the middle of the night) but he didn't know that it had been renovated. A-M xx

  9. How lovely to meet him and have those conversations A-M. xv


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