Friday, July 10, 2009

Still No Solution

Image Courtesy Canadian House and Home

Well thank you my friends for coming out of the woodwork and sending me all your emails. I love how you actually call yourselves, 'lurkers'! My suspicions, with my limited technical knowledge, is that the problems I am having are due to different browsers being used.

.... but I have been stalking help sites. I'm a bit scared to actually post a question on any of the blogger related help sites as most people who do send in help request emails, start with "Please do not get mad at me but........" I think there is a general intolerance out there for people with limited tech knowledge. Don't blame me, I did my degrees back in the days when you hand wrote your assignments and typed ones were not accepted, there was no internet and the library catalogue consisted of written cards that you flicked your fingers through!

This is what I have gathered so far. One is a blogger problem: blogger is not compatible with all browsers. And updating your browser can help. The second problem is an Internet Explorer problem. Updating helps but doesn't solve all.

QUOTE FROM BLOGGER, in reply to someone who posted with a similar problem.

"We're looking into the underlying cause of this and hope to have a fix out shortly. However, I would strongly encourage those of you still using IE6 to upgrade to a newer browser. IE6 is quickly becoming obsolete across the net.

Is anyone who can't get into my site prepared to change their browser and do a little experiment for me? Some people can't even access my site, some just can't comment, some can comment sometimes but not others. I post in Mozilla and those readers not having any problems also use Mozilla as their browser. I originally had problems posting to my blog with Internet Explorer so I changed to Mozilla and had no more issues, errors or 'catastrophes'.

Latest goss at 'The House'.

Still eating dust. It's a slow process. My knight in shining armour, aka new painter (he's shy, does not want naming), is a bit concerned that he has only been allocated 3 weeks to do all this. After 4 days, he has completed (prep and painting) 3 sets of French Doors (both sides), 5 windows, 2 internal laundry doors, 2 internal transoms and that's it. It's a big house. We are already scheming on which skirtings can be missed out. Oh everything looks so beautiful with good prep work and a decent coat of gloss paint. Some windows only had an undercoat on some areas!

Hubby is going to start painting the back picket fence on the weekend... that will be interesting.... think 'Millie's MOTH', without the handyman skills. Give me strength. He is determined ....... nothing like the carrot of saving a few dollars to motivate one into believing one has the skills! Sorry darling, I do love you!

Hubby is also planning to now GROW our turf up the back. The turf quotes we have received have been ridiculous, due to access problems.... so manned with a hoe, rake and leveller, yep my hubby is going to create the soccer field he has been promising the boys.... from seeds. Thank goodness for the park at the end of our street.

Stay tuned, this is going to be great blog fodder!
A-M xx


  1. A-M I also have EI when I use that for your blog I have no troubles, when I use Mozilla I have to use control alt delte and stop the running process because it says not running. Yours is the only blog I have probs with. Hope things turn out alright and good luck with finding a solution. Ill be back ! haha Julie in Holland

  2. Hi A-M, this is A-M trying to post a comment via internet explorer. If this works, there goes my theory! A-M xx

  3. It posted my comment then it aborted the whole mission and despite 5 attempts to 'diganose problem', I had to go back to Mozilla to get back into my site. It's INTERNET EXPLORER and BLOGGER! Yay! Problem diagnosed by most 'computer illiterate person in the universe' A-M xx

  4. Maybe not?.... after Julie's comment. Hmmm, can people with nothing better to do, please try some experiments for me? A-M xx

  5. Hope you've got a lovely and very relaxed weekend planned - sounds like you've had the week from hell. At least things are going well in the painting department. Hopefully all this angst will be over soon. Have a lovely weekend. Leigh

  6. Growing lawn from seed, just like the old days. Now if only we could grow technology solutions from seed

  7. First.. Hooray for wonderful new painter!!!! He should get an award! 2nd. I use IE and have the 'diagnose' problems also, but not on all blogs. I'm changing to Imac this weekend so will let you know how that interacts with your blog! PS I suspect it is one of your widgets. Once I do get to your blog, your 'Inspiration' and your 'The Journey' haven't loaded up. Julie [from australia!]

  8. Julie@being Ruby - Have removed my Picassa Web Album slide shows to see if that helps. A-M xx

  9. Have you killed someone in a previous life??? I can't help you with the computer one as I don't even know what you are talking about, and yes I come from the days of flicking through cards in the library!
    As for the lawn can hubby buy the turf and lay himself? We did this for an acre and was very easy to lay, level etc. Seed will be so very hard to do and very unusable for months, birds will eat it and the rain could wash it away! Save yourself the grief....

  10. hah....your painter sounds terrific! He's got all that done in just four days?! My hopeless layabout painter took 6 days just to undercoat and paint two windows (still didn't get it finished properly) and one set of french doors....and that was just the internals! He was lazy and hopeless. I'd say you're not doing too badly.

    I don't seem to have any problems opening your blog and posting comments through my work computer, just my one at home. Not sure what's going on.


  11. Hey AM I too have been having problems leaving comments on other peoples blogs have written out my comment only to find when I scroll down there is nothing to click on to *publish my post*... so now I scroll down first to see if it is there... hey good news yours is, oh & hey don't worry about the dust wait until your life saver has been & gone clean then & believe me even then it still comes back! Looking good girl oh hey let your guy paint the fence if its that bad just look at it from afar hahaha

    Have a great weekend

    Lyn xxx


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