Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Technical Question

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I am receiving many emails from readers informing me that they are having trouble leaving comments on my posts. They either receive an error message or some 'catastrophic failure' occurs. I do love that word 'catastrophic'!

Does anyone know why this is occurring?....... and how one would rectify the problem? Has it got something to do with browsers? operating system incompatibility? ra, ra? I am so NOT a tech head. I would so appreciate some help.

Hmmm, for those who can't comment!... please email me at:
Thanks 'muchly'!
A-M xx


  1. I might be able to help - I use a Mac computer and use the browser ~ Firefox, most of the time.
    The only way I can leave a comment, on some blogs, is to go via Safari.

    Lovely blog and I have enjoyed my visit ~ thank you.

  2. yes,yes this is what is happening to me (for the last month or so) I have to type fast and then can't 'preview' so I'm sure I have tons of typos, but I get the evil "OPERATION ABORTED" message.... It's so weird as I only get it here.....

    p.s. pleasssssse tell me it was the red wine and you aren't seriously considering....?! You are either very brave or very crazy!!! You couldn't pay me enough to do it again....!

  3. For AM.

    Testing posting a comment.

    Will Hosier :)

  4. for AM. Version 2.

    Testing a post.

    Will Hosier


  5. Thank GOD!! I thought it was just me having the connection/error message problems

    My ability to stay connected to your site or leave a comment is intermittent though. Sometimes I have to go through the process of diagnosing connection problems several times, sometimes just once. This time around it was 5 times.

    ...but I also get the same error message on a couploe of other blogger not sure if it is just you...or me for that matter

    Did you sort out your washing line problem? I have some pics up on my blog now if you're interested. just got my first word verification that a new addition too?

  6. No problems here. It may be on the reader's end since some can leave comments. I have a difficult time leaving comments on typepad blogs. I think it has to do with my browser. Maybe those having trouble should launch another browser (if they can) and give it a try.


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