Friday, July 10, 2009

Thank you Norbert

My 'cousin-in-law' found these links for me.

Explain heaps. I am making the changes as I type. I hope these links help you all.

I knew it was something to do with IE too!
A-M xx


  1. tesing with a popup comment box and removed pesky widgets, A-M xx

  2. No problems with IE now from my end, now that the comment box is a pop up and widgets have been ditched. A-M xx

    Ohmy! This is the first time in months that I haven't been 'aborted' out!!! Yay! I am so excited to be able to casually read your blog instead of frantically reading & typing trying to get and stay on! Yay!! Thanks for fixing A-M!!

  4. I am glad you got it fixed (although I didn't notice), because you must have been missing some of your favourite readers! You probably thought they had dropped you haha. Have a great weekend xx


    Sensational. I got in first time and no "diagnose connection problems" to go through multiple times.

    Excellent! Well done. Thanks Norbert


  6. A-M ... yeaa I was able to get thru with both IE and Mozilla with no probs.. thank you Norbert! Happy weekend to all! Julie in HOllland

  7. Hi A-M
    I am in at last! I just used Firefox as my Browser and it worked first time. Now I am able to read about your wonderful house and look at the most 'heart wrenching' beautiful, beautiful photos of interiors I have seen for a very long time. What an amazing job you have done in decorating your home A-M Everything is just so inspiring even though you are being tested serverly by your builders. I have a lot of reading to do now ...everything I have missed for the last few weeks so bye for now but back very soon!

    Mrs B


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