Friday, August 14, 2009


Image Courtesy Alan Greenberg Architect

Nothing is really happening on the house front this week. Still waiting to hear back from painter number 3. Also waiting to hear from the electrician so that he can install the front lights. So now that things have settled down, we've all looked at each other and said "lets enjoy this place".

We had dinner on the back terrace the other night. The temperature was so mild for winter and we had a spectacular winter thunderstorm for entertainment, complete with lightning. We sat and ate our warm risotto, listening to Part 2 of 'Les Miserables', through our wonderful terrace speakers. 'Les Mis' holds a very special place in our hearts. Hubby was in the cast, and I was in the orchestra, of the 1995 Queensland Musical Theatre Production of Les Miserables. It was way back before we were married. It was a magical experience and a fantastic production. We googled all our cast mates a while back and they have all moved on to either 'Opera Queensland' or 'The Ten Tenors'!!!

Having never lived with a sound system before, we are thoroughly enjoying living with music. It really does change the way you live. Music at dinner time, music while house cleaning, music while packing my orders! My boys are enjoying it too. I heard my big one whistling "Do You Hear The People Sing", the finale of Les Mis, the other night and I just smiled. Perfect.
A-M xx


  1. A-M that is some picture! Haunting!
    Sounds like a lovely nite, glad to hear you and the family are finally enjoying your big adventure. We have a sound system out back too - we hooked an old stero system in the garage! hhaa ..For when we dine al-fresco we are making a table out there but in the mean time its and old tool bench with an off cut of wood, but its fun the real one is done. Julie in Holland....

  2. Hooray for you, AM! Finally the dust is settling and you are beginning to enjoy your new house. All the best to you and your family!

  3. That sounds just so relaxing and enjoyable!

  4. Love that photo A-M.

    So nice to here you are all finally enjoying your lovely home. Have a great weekend.

  5. What a lovely description of your evening - if I listen hard I'm sure I can hear your beautiful music. Have a lovely and relaxed weekend at your workman-free house. Leigh

  6. I am so happy you are finally enjoying your house. We have a whole house music system also. I can be in the bath or out back or anywhere in the house and I can hear the same thing in everyroom or have each room set to something different. I just haven't gotten around to the planter box speakers to put out by the pool. Someday when I find very nice ones. Enjoy, you deserve it!! xo, MB

  7. Wonderful! Just wonderful- I loved everything about this post! I love the stories, your son whistling, but most of all I can feel the peace! Enjoy dear A-M!

  8. What an amazing soundtrack for your life!! How wonderful that you played in the orchestra for that production!

    I'm so happy you are enjoying your beautiful HOME.

  9. What a lovely evening. Yes we are so lucky with the weather now in Brisbane.
    It was very interesting to find out about you more.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  10. Everything looks so wonderful. I am so glad you are beginning to settle in and enjoy that beautiful home. Congrats!!

  11. Am so happy that everything goes well now. Things must have an ending, isn't it?

    Hearing you all enjoying at the back porch w/ the nostalgic moment was really wonderful.

    Just wait what the painter #3 & the electrician conclusion. I know everything will be fine.

    Enjoy your w/end. R&R in your lovely home.

    much xoxo

  12. HI A-M
    Once I tore myself away from that glorious moon image, I enjoyed every minute of this post.. Sounds like a home full of music, good food, happy children and ... love.
    Have a great weekend. x Julie


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