Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Garden That Mr A-M Built

Some green stuff

Well, I chickened out yesterday, so poor hubby did it all. Voila!... instant front garden... well not instant...yesterday's effort took 6 hours of backbreaking work, in 30 degree heat. Each plant hole had to be jackhammered! It's rock solid clay. We have been 'gypsum-ing'(Calcium Sulfate - CaSO4) it since we moved in. It's mean, nasty rock. We've also been doing various water experiments in little holes over the past weeks. Water from weeks ago was still sitting there yesterday morning, before the task began! Hmmm! Next-door's garden seems to be lets hope our new trees are tough little things. We now can plan the easier task of potted plants up on the entrance terrace. I am also on the lookout for an old bench, that I can attack with our paint compressor at the same time I do the Adirondacks. That's next weekend I have one week to find it.

Our future hedge. 20 pencil pines are going right up the side of the house, in front of that wooden fence and lovely big grey pots of greenery are going on the terraced bit.

Don't mind the extension lead that enables us to open our front automatic gates. Still waiting on the electrician to connect it all up.

Our Liquid Amber tree (the bunch of sticks in the centre of the garden bed), covered in Spring buds. Pencil pines also going up against that wooden fence too.

Good morning house! You can just see the leaf-less Liquid Amber, peeking out from behind the wall

Me? yesterday? ...well I did the ironing... no small feat...hours and hours of ironing... first time I have been able to put the ironing board away, out of sight, since we moved in. I hate ironing (who doesn't) .... always something more exciting to do than ironing....... hence the ironing pile. The boys?... they squealed with delight in the pool. Their first pool. They're in heaven. It has full sun all day and then full shade from 2.30pm onwards... so in Summer, it will be nice and warm by the time I let them get in, post 'highest skin cancer risk time', aka 2.30pm... couldn't have planned it better myself...another design fluke!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
A-M xx


  1. What a grand entrance your house now has. All the work your hubby has been doing hasn't been in vain ~ it looks like it's been there forever. Thanks for sharing the pictures A-M!

  2. LOVE the front yard. It may have been back breaking, but so worth the effort. Tell Mr.A-M- GOOD JOB! :)

  3. Such a productive household (esp. your husband) and a beginnings of a beautiful garden to behold. Lee :)

  4. That's such bad luck having the hard as rock ground, makes it all so much more difficult.

    Looks really great, just love what your doing. What great luck with the swimming pool, fantastic.


  5. Looks great but.....Liquid Amber??? Are you sure? We inherited one in our house here in Sydney and finally have had permission to have it removed. It kept on dropping limbs - large limbs - which fortunately just missed the house and then the fence. They grow really big, too. The seed pods that fall off each year will still be here in the year 3000 as they never deteriorate and hurt like heck when you step on them. And don't start on the fallen leaves each autumn. The surrounding garden beds are very dry as it saps up all the liquid in the soil and it has a massive root structure. Now I'm no Don Burke but are you sure? I just want you to be 100% positive and don't come to me in 10 years time with "The tree has knocked over our wall!" Otherwise, it's lookin' good A-M.

  6. Jennifer, I say good luck to it, if it can work it's roots through the rock/clay.... and good luck to me trying to talk my hubby out of it. He's had no say in anything except the garden! My hands are tied! A-M xx

  7. Hi A-M
    OK came to leave and message and read the comment above. It does sound like useful information to consider.

    Now all your green stuff looks lovely but what I wanted to say is I have a week off soon and thought I might come use your pool!! haha
    I could help supervise the new painter.. hahaha I've learnt well from you!! Have a great Sunday.. x Julie

  8. 'nough said, eh? I grew up in Stafford and watched my father pour enough Gypsum into our garden to sink the Titanic. I'll keep my fingers crossed. May the best man, woman or tree succeed.

  9. Liquid Amber tree oo lucky you we've decided on several of these to make a row along the side of teh hosue. yes i know about teh roots and teh size. saw an enormous one that really scared me at a tree park about 35 kms away. but by the time they get that big we won;t be here. :)

    Love teh pods and the beautiful leaves.

    Glad to hear they like clay. I know just how your husband feels. we have rock out the front of our place and clay at the back. I dug 15 holes today to plant some border plants. urgh I have the blood blister to prove it. mean while poor hubby was digging 2 more soakwell holes. He can't get to proper depth because of the rock so the top at 300 mm below ground level will have to do. .. lovely to see your home looking like it's been there for ever. It's really coming along.

    One day I hope to have more than sand, rock and clay to share.

  10. Love Love Love how it's turning out with all the landscaping.

    But, sad news, I do love to iron. I truly find it relaxing.

    Throw tomatoes now. : )

  11. Yes yes yes, I like your nice & lovely blog, and leave a swedish footprint after me...

    Regards from Agneta in Sweden

  12. It all looks great! Jackhammering holes?! OHMY!! Husband deserves a round of applause- wonderful job.

    I only like to iron napkins, which is fortunate as we only have cloth napkins! I must say though, that I am mighty fond of the ones that look good coming out of the dryer and don't need ironing!!

  13. Your choice of plants is perfect for a city garden - the pencil pines will look wonderful when grown and will contrast beautifully with the gorgeous liquid amber. Fabulous! Leigh


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