Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lets Start With The Kitchen

Don't mind the carrot.

Introducing the 'English Ticking Romans' in my kitchen. Unfortunately my dinky little camera has not captured the true 'duck egg blue nature' of these beauties. I photographed them in the evening (excuse the grated carrot on the bench top) and also in the morning ('big son' was on dishwasher unpacking duties) to attempt to capture the colour. Hmmm, sort of!

Don't mind the child - oh and the cloth nappies on the boys chairs (you too, can live with white, boys, chocolate and felt pens) where they sit for breakfast, chocolate and homework!

Oh and as much as I adore our new neighbours, on the kitchen side, it is going to be so nice not to not appear like I am peering into their lives every time I sit at the kitchen bench in my jammies!

This is a tricky stage in the project for me. I have 'almost, sort of, nearly' run out of funds (if I am to remain exactly on budget and not over capitalize) and this is where one needs it...... at this end of the project .....and not the 'squillions of dollars of boring site works and retaining walls' end of the project. I have to pick and choose where to spend the dollars.... hence the hand painting of the Adirondacks and the brutal DIY landscaping days we are suffering through... oh my back!

The decorating part is oh so much fun though. I have purchased some delightful and very affordable antique caricature lithographs of famous scientists and medicos, off Ebay.... very relevant to both our science and medical backgrounds. I will frame them in black and hang them in the study. Hubby is very happy with my purchases and is enjoying 'getting in touch with his feminine side' in this decorating part. Thank goodness he is too busy to read my blog! Sorry darling!

I will post some more pictures of the Study and the Great Room windows in the coming days.
A-M xx


  1. Girl after my own heart - lovin the duck-egg blue ticking - looks fabulous.

  2. I am most envious of the picture of your son unpacking the dishwasher ...

  3. Oh I know they take up so much money on boring stuff.

    Looking at this just made me a little bit wistful. I've just picked out the floorboards for the house ... oh great, just 999 more things to get through and we may be able to start.

    Well done with the antique caricatures, sounds fun.

  4. That's a lovely fabric choice AM - I am a big fan of duck egg blue myself. I really like your range hood in the bottom pic - the rail all the way around looks great ! Sheila

  5. One word, gorgeous! Enough said. I can't wait to see more.

  6. Love the blinds but what I really want to know is "Did you actually have breakfast before you took the morning shot?" I want a kitchen that tidy before the kids go to school. I know what you mean about now being in the fun part. I've worked with a few clients who have renovated and retaining walls and plumbing just doesn't have the same impact as curtains and cushions. But it all has to be done......eventually. Get some Tiger Balm for your back.

  7. A-M,

    Your kitchen looks gorgeous. I love your roman blinds they are the finishing touch to a gorgeous kitchen.

    Cannot wait to see the other rooms and the prints that you bought on ebay.

    L x

  8. They look divine. It's frustrating when you can't capture with the camera what the eye sees. Important to have privacy in the morning when we all still have our bedroom hair going !!!

  9. The romans look stunning A-M! They really finish the room off nicely! Tracey xx

  10. Those roman blinds look absolutely perfect in your kitchen. (as does your lovely son putting the dishes away - wish I could get my 11 year old son to do that!!). Lee

  11. The blinds, the kitchen, the jug of flowers - everything is perfect. What a fabulous job you've done pulling this beautiful room together. Leigh

  12. Oh my goodness, will you look at this lovely spot.
    Please, you must have a pve design work of art to hang as a finishing touch to your incredible kitchen.
    I love it.... You should use some science beakers for blossoms...on your sill.

  13. They look beautiful A-M, your natural light in the kitchen is wonderful! Gives everything a lovely soft glow... that would be nice to have greet you in the morning.

  14. HI A-M
    The blinds are fabulous! Love the ticking. Also love those glass cannisters on your bench.!! x Julie

  15. Absolutely beautiful. : )
    Your home steals my heart.

  16. Hi A-M! I'm catching up and missed this post....the romans look wonderful! I love ticking! Your kitchen is so beautiful! I know you must love being in there.

  17. That is an absolutely stunning kitchen. I remember woman who sold counters said to never get white cabinets and a white counter, but it looks like that is what you have, and it is beautiful!


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