Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Nook

This Monday morning's 'nook' was totally inspired by THIS wonderful post over at 'Things That Inspire'. I too, just love to be able to see right through to the back of a home from the front entrance, to not hit a wall as soon as you enter, to not feel enclosed or as if in a waiting room.

This is our home entry as it is today. We are still waiting on hall furniture and as you can see our hall mirror sits patiently waiting for it's comrades, propped up against the wall on old cloth nappies (boy they come in useful... for everything.... especially cleaning windows). Gorgeous gloss work courtesy of 'Sir Wilfrid'.... every inch of it! Also, we are still waiting on curtains and a beautiful fibre rug for way out the back in the family/kitchen area, which will soften the view. The study is off to the right, through those French doors. The stairwell is next on the right, followed by the laundry and then up the steps, the powder room. The Great Room is off to the left as soon as you enter the front door. Our hall is 1.5m wide and is just the most perfect size for practising the moon walk in socks! I don't think my boys have ever walked through this hall... they are 'sliders'.

I haven't progressed that far with my next project. Still looking for the land. But once I find the land and know the land contours, I can finalise my floor plan.

The first necessity is an entrance similar to this. Deep breaths.

With a Great Room like this. This I know, FOR SURE!

Brooke and Steve, you do do long distance architectural consults don't you. Fancy, a 'Giannetti Home' right here in downtown Brissie... now that would be something! Somehow I don't think 32 perches would be quite big enough.
A-M xx


  1. Are you seriously considering a 'next time'??

    I love a nice wide long hallway too, and can't wait to have one in my new house! Your home is simply stunning, A-M, and I love every aspect of it...including your front door knocker! Every little touch is just perfect!

  2. You know I don't think I have ever thought about being able to see right to the back of the house from the font entry before. Wow is it beautiful, I don't think I will think of any entry quite the same. Thanks =)

  3. I feel like I've walked in the door already. Gorgeous shiny floors to gaze at as I would wander through the rooms left and right until I was drawn to the back of your house! Lovely...

  4. It all looks so beautiful A-M! Once Brooke & Steve are done in Brissie, send them on down to the Adelaide Hills - have got a project for them!
    Millie ^_^

  5. Your home is gorgeous - I love the floors, I love everything (even the knocker on your front door). Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Oh thanks, just copied a couple of those pic's into my house folder. I love those built-in bookcases and your front door ;)

  7. Just love the dark floor, the french doors opening off the hall, the steps up to the family room, the mirror on the end wall - everything really! Leigh

  8. I love it all A-M.
    ...and I am sure if Brooke & Steve move here they would be incredible busy.

  9. Just lovely, especially the blue chest in the hall. MB

  10. Your entrance looks stunning A-M! I love that you can see right through to the back of the house - very grand! Tracey xx

  11. i love, love that arch under the stairs!!!!


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