Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Nook

Cushion by Black and Spiro

Today's 'nook' is one of my many 'work spaces' around my home. It is the 'Armchair' part of 'Armchair Trader', my online business. This lovely chair has been with me since the beginning of Armchair Trader and when it is not perched high on the top of my displays, at my 'Bubbles and Bling Nights', draped in pearls, scarves and trinkets, it sits in the corner of my bedroom.

It has been shoved in the back of my old four wheel drive, I don't know how many times, covered in boxes of stock and props and despite it's very unpractical colour, it doesn't have a mark on it. It has even been seen sticking out the top of hubby's convertible backseat, on nights when I haven't been able to fit stock and chair in my car! Hubby has received many a desperate phone call from me when the 'pack up' seems to be greater in size than the 'unpack'. I can never pack my car as well after a 'Bling Night' as I do before one..... must be the 'dump and run' philosophy we all adopt at the end of the night!

I haven't the heart to cover my chair in a more practical coloured fabric as the current neutral colour lends itself to a variety of different displays. So here I sit, on it!, in the lovely morning sunshine, feet up, computer on my lap, cup of coffee in hand, ready for my day...... well until it all deteriorates into the mad "get ready for school' rush! One can dream....I'll just finish my coffee here before I make the lunches.

A-M xx


  1. Awww... hope they still sleep till 8am, *wink

    So you still enjoy the nice early morning.

    Am going to bed in an hour ready for a new week with a new staff to be teach on everything.

    I feel sicky (colds) creeping in...

    Have a wonderful week ahead, Lady and give your lovely chair a tap for being so thoughtful to all of U.

    xoxo so much...

  2. Yes I did read the small print, too funny!

    I love your frontdoor on the sidebar.

    Have a lovely day,

  3. Gorgeous chair. I am very impressed it has stayed so pristine while having so many adventures. I would give it about two minutes in my house of looking that white given my youngest child's amazing skill of finding chocolate in the house and then smearing it all over things. If it doesn't come off and go in the wash I am in trouble!
    Clare x

  4. I can see why the chair is a bit of a favourite, it's very elegant...and I love the cushion with it. What a nice place to start your day. :)

  5. What a beautiful and elegant darling she is! Thank you so much for the lovely, lovely comment you left on Saturday - this is such a compliment coming from one of MY very favourite blogs! Leigh

  6. She is gorgeous just the way she is! There is something about a well loved, worn louis style chair :-)

    L x

  7. That space looks so relaxing and the chair is so gorgeous... Props to you for keeping the immaculate look of that chair and the pink pillow looks good on it..for now at least ... until you find other things to put on it.

  8. i love little nooks. yours is precious. love the chair and the cute pillow!

  9. Looks great A-M! Thanks for the link too...

    I remember that cushion!!


  10. love it A-M, great to see the actual 'armchair' - its a stunner! xxx

  11. What a great spot with a sweet pillow and cute chair. I wish I had somewhere as glam to sit in the morning.


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