Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pretty Stuff On It's Way

Whew it's bright - curtains are comin'

Very exciting...... my curtains, romans and window seat cushions arrive tomorrow so I thought you might enjoy some before and after shots. This is the before shot, with 'big son' doing a rather 'glamorous' piano practice. I took his picture on my way out the door yesterday morning, yelling out, "hey son, does it get any better than this? is this not the best room ever, to practice your scales in!" Scales don't put a smile on many a child's face but he was beaming. ........ and the acoustics in the room are to die for.... what a fluke!

House Update: Husband pulled out all stops on the weekend and has almost completed painting the pool area. I ordered 2 wonderful Adirondacks through Ebay, which I am going to paint up next week. They'll be heading straight for the pool house, for the perfect 'children frolicking in pool' viewing position. Still no sign of painter number 3. Where are you painter number 3? You've still got lots to do. I have the list ready.

Some more 'before photos', and of course the 'afters', tomorrow.


  1. Look at you! Do you ever stop? WHen is it time to rest?

  2. Oh I can't wait to see the curtains. I think you described them in an earlier post and I have been chomping at the bit to get a gander. Everything is turning out wonderful. MB

  3. Lovely shot - and who wouldn't enjoy just being in this lovely room. Look forward to seeing the new window furnishings A-M.

  4. Wow, number one son is a pianist and a guitarist!
    Lucky he didn't take up the drums!!

  5. He got your genes... both mum & dad are good in music too, huh?

    Can't wait to all your stuffs, Lady. Relax there too!

    Hugs as always,

  6. Am really looking forward to seing the after-pics! I can't belive how much you have on your plate these days! How are you holding up??

  7. It's really coming along. Actually, the hardwood contributes to the acoustic of the room. So hopefully you are bringing in light curtains, and try to use glass, wood, or metal tables and seating instead of sofa.


  8. Painter #3 has heard of Sir Wilfred's reputation and is off practicing his application skills!! hehe Can't wait for the after shots. x Julie


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