Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sink Love

Sink - Oliveri Titan, Tap - Gessi

If you remember, hubby and I had a 'marital maladjustment' during our sink and tap selections. He wanted the modern thing and could not get his head around farmhouse sinks and bridge faucets. I conceded... let him think he's the boss.... and hey I did get to build the whole place. Don't tell him, but I love my kitchen sink. It's the best size, and it has a grill/tray on the bottom so pots don't scratch the surface... and it 'scrubs up' beautifully. I'm a bit of a "the sink has to be clean at all times" girl, just like Melissa over at the Inspired Room. Melissa did a great post on 'Daily Routines' HERE. I love her idea of 'cleaning frenzies'. I told my boys about it and they said "oh that sounds like fun". Thank you Melissa.... and boys, "lets go!"
A-M xx


  1. You made the right choice. We have a butler's sink - it looks fabulous but takes an enormous amount of bleaching and scrubbing to keep it looking good! Next house (only joking) - the "modern thing". Leigh

  2. I am glad we are kindred spirits in the clean sink thing. And honestly, it really helps to have a pretty sink! That is one lovely sink you have there!

    Laughing that your boys like the cleaning frenzy idea, my kids do too. We tried the whole chore chart idea with them too and I guess we just aren't the chart type. We are the frenzy type :-)

    Happy day! Thanks for the mention too!


  3. Oh very sexy, lovin' the sink and tap.

  4. A-M remind them in a couple years they agreed .. right ? haha Julie in Holland.....

  5. P.S. I wanted to say also your windows all look so beatiful.. Julie/Nl

  6. I have to check out the link to Julie to see what you mean ;)

  7. My flatmates mum used to con her kids in to doing the housework by yelling "Go Mustangs" and putting on a timer for 20 minutes. The idea was to get as much housework done as possible in just 20 minutes and once the buzzer rang you didn't have to do a jot more! (Until the next time she yelled "Go Mustangs")

  8. The sink seems to work out. Classic sinks look great, but modern sinks also have their charms. Glad the disagreement was settled since it was a right-right situation to begin with.


  9. Gorgeous choice! Hope your enjoying your lovely kitchen now.

    Myself have a hard time choosing something, §;-) Mind helping me? LoL

    Hugs & enjoy your great w/end.
    //chie 4ever

  10. * I think it all looks TERRIFFIC~~~ and I think it was (1) very SWEET and (2) very SMART of you to let the hubs win on this one... they ask for so little and give SOOOO MUCH, don't they???Ya gotta luv 'em!

    Happily following the progress on your dream home!!!

    Linda in AZ *

  11. Beautiful choice! How handy is the tray at the bottome!



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