Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We Have Lawn

Well, I have had lots of emails asking about how our 'DIY turf jobby went'. After a couple of weeks of TLC from hubby (as well as applying the sprinkler, he also sits on the garden wall and lovingly hand waters it, in the dark with the gorgeous blue pool lights on), the grass has now taken and I have 2 positively joyous boys who get straight out of the car from school and make a bee-line to the backyard, soccer ball in hand (hence the school uniforms in the pictures).
Ball + Grass = Heaven (boys are so basic, aren't they!).

Quote hubby, "make sure you say on your blog that the fence and walls haven't been painted yet". This part of the house is his baby and he wants to get it right!

In the early morning light.

Isn't our neighbour lovely. That's his ladder next door. He's cutting down the palm tree nuts, on his tree, so they don't fall in our pool!

Couldn't resist some pool shots in the morning light. It is just beautiful in the morning. Oh look and there's one of many soccer balls that are most likely going to be living in my gardens now.

Beautifully stained timber posts, courtesy of 'Sir Wilfrid'.

Have you noticed that the picket fences, in the garden and around the pool, are now white? Hubby spent a whole weekend in his attractive bee-keeper painting suit, fighting with a paint compressor and a paint brush. I kept him supplied with cold drinks, toasted sandwiches and a pikelet here and there. Of course, he finished with a well earned beer. We just have the rendered walls to paint now, in the same colour as the house. Then we can bring out the potted plants and pool house furniture.... just in time for Spring.

The boys are braving the weather each weekend and are managing to 'have a swim' if that's what you call their 'truth and dare games'. "I dare you to get in up to your waist. I dare you to put your head under". It's so cold I'm scared they will have a heart attack. That's what Mother's are for... to fuss!
A-M xx


  1. Yippee.. lawn! It's all so beautiful A-m. You must be so pleased and that pool will be fabulous in summer. I was reading yesterday's post and you mentioned 'your next project'?? Really? hehe x Julie

  2. Grass, pool, painting, soccer! It's all happening at your house and it looks absolutely fabulous! I used to live near Brisbane and I can distinctly remember those bright, crisp mornings that made you smile & look forward to the day. Lee :)

  3. Beautiful! How fun for your boys.

  4. Ahhhhh, I've been waiting to see your turf for so long and you don't disappoint. I would love to be frolicking around in your backyard, it's gorgeous!

  5. Oh that's just fabulous, great to see the boys having fun on it. That was so funny with hubby pointing out the unpainted fench.

  6. Hooray!! How wonderful a simple thing like lawn is...Ax

  7. What a beautiful pool and yard. It turned out really well.

  8. LOVING the lawn action shots!! xx

  9. Oh My Gosh, it is all gorgeous. I cannot imagine ever getting to that stage! Thanks for all the great photos.

  10. It DOES look beautiful in the mroning light - wish there was a shot of the pool house !!! so beautiful!! glad you all are enjoying it.


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