Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some Etsy Love

Another online purchase I made recently is this set of darling little gold ceramic owls, from Juliet's Etsy store, Pirdy. They sit on a little black set of drawers in my Great Room, where I store all our music. They blend in beautifully with the gilded picture I have above the drawers ... and of course my lovely new music stand. I just have to find an elegant lamp for this spot now....still using an old bedside lamp here..... but a lamp is essential. It is so lovely to have soft lamp light near the front door without having any other lights blazing. I just love my little owl family. Thanks Juliet! Juliet also has a lovely blog HERE.
A-M xx

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


....a gorgeous, rustic (super heavy) music stand..... thanks to Sandy, at The Shabby Cottage, who answered my call for help, following my music stand post last week, and sent me over to Ebay. I motored on over there and promptly purchased a music stand, an umbrella stand and a gorgeous French weather-vane, which all arrived yesterday .....and all had to be assembled immediately last night ... even the weather-vane... in the dark..... in the back yard. Oh they are all very gorgeous.

Looks even prettier with a violin concerto plonked on it I reckon!

A brainwave followed the installation.....I am going to frame some of my violin music (complete with old pencilled in fingerings and dynamics), and some classical music covers, and hang a set of them in the hall. I might even get them professionally framed and bypass Ikea! Heaven forbid! What do you think?
A-M xx
PS This post accompanied by my all time favourite Vivaldi Violin Concerto.... for old times sake.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Still Chillin' Out

Isn't this a great photo!..... courtesy of Marc Buckner, hubby of Mindy Mason - handbag designer extraordinaire. He is responsible for all the beautiful images of Mindy's Handbags, over in my webstore.

So yes , we're still chillin' out, here at the house. Week 2 of the school holidays. Hubby and I achieved heaps over the weekend. Adirondacks have been painted and are in the 'pool shack'. They got the paint spray gun treatment so they look better than perfect. Unfortunately they are now covered in about an inch of red dust as we had ANOTHER dust storm over the weekend. Once I clean them off.... I'll take some photos. Ahhhh, more cleaning!.... makes holiday 'chilling out' a bit difficult.

The furniture arrived for the boys playroom so we set up their TV and games. I found a great armchair for their room, half price because it was floor stock.... looked pretty perfect to me. I will take photos this week, once all the lego on the floor is tidied up and you can see the floor!

Hubby has done an outstanding job on our 'doorstop installation program'. ..... including drilling into tiles...... very complex... well for us 'non design/non builder' folk.... remember, we are of science nerd stock..... not one handyman/designer bone occurs naturally in our bodies.... we are working hard at it though! Yay, no more towels behind the doors! Luxury!

Our beautiful Italian Linen, slipcovered, Great Room sofa has arrived...... just waiting on the little front roller feet and some custom cushions to arrive and then it will be 'ready for it's close-up'. I am taking Joni's advice (Cote De Texas Blog) and having a custom seagrass rug made up for the Great Room. I am slowly working my way through Joni's wonderful 'Top Ten Design Elements' Posts. She has such wonderful advice. I am delighted that I can say that I have included her first 5 design elements into my interior fitout (by complete accident by the way.... another lucky fluke..... the 'Design Gods' have taken pity!).

I have also taken delivery of a beautiful Italian linen, buttoned bedhead and matching ottoman for the main bedroom. I will have these and also the linen sofas available for sale through my webstore in the next week or so.... when I manage to get myself organised.

This week it's 'red dust cleaning' and more entertaining of the troops on school holidays.
Have a great week!
A-M xx

Friday, September 25, 2009

It's A Date

Image Courtesy My Vintage Love

My boys are going to spend a few days looking for frogs at their Grandparent's place.

I miss them already. Do you know that feeling? When they haven't even gone but it feels like they have...... because you know it's coming.

I love having them around......sigh..... anyway, hubby and I are going to PARTY..... translation.....stop work now... today..... pack away computers, read the papers, watch a Foxtel movie, get takeaway, paint the Adirondacks, install door stops.

Here's my coffee. Packing up computer NOW!

Have a great weekend!
A-M xx

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Peek...

Ralph Lauren the fabric that will be gracing the wing chair in my media area.

We have an open plan, casually styled media area off the kitchen/dining zone. With a sisal rug, a rattan sideboard (complete with model boat - a freebie from one of my suppliers because she says I am the only customer of hers who doesn't whinge and complain!), books and shells scattered on a driftwood side table, I thought an elegant chair in the corner might compliment the whole scene rather nicely. I have an L shaped cream leather lounge defining the other corners. It's contemporary but with traditional elements - feet, stylish backing - and it is easy to clean. It has navy and white nautical cushions scattered amongst plain beige linen cushions (left overs from the study sofa) so I think the blue and white wing chair will tie in nicely. I am also having a gorgeous lampshade made for my artichoke table lamp. The wing chair will have to have a Hamptons style brushed silver floor reading lamp I think. I can picture it, I just have to find it. Can't wait to show you this room when it's done.....but it might be a bit of a wait. All good things......
A-M xx

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

House Update

Fence Friends.
My boys have made friends with some children who's house backs onto the side of our house. They have a code... when my boys hear them jumping on their trampoline, that's the sign for them to grab the stool (little one is too small to see over the fence) and have a chat. Helps that the girl is big ones age and the boy is little ones age!

Well the school holidays are in full swing. Our lawn, up the back, is fully established now so my boys spend most of their days swinging a cricket bat or kicking a soccer ball. They jump in the pool when it all gets too hot and then head back up to the lawn when they've cooled off. They occasionally come in to be fed.

I can officially say now that the 'garden plan' is working a treat and is very practical and livable! We agonised over where to cut the block and how large we should make the lawn area. I am so pleased that we were generous with the lawn area as never have my boys been so joyous and carefree. Boys + lawn + ball = joy.

Hubby is making good use of our wonderful office. He had back to back appointments in it all day yesterday so I did the 1950's housewife thing and trotted around with trays of tea and biscuits for his clients.

I am just summoning up the energy to finish it all off now. We are still waiting on: furniture for the Great Room, framing of prints, a bedhead and bedsides for the main bedroom, a desk for big son, a media unit and TV for the playroom, new furniture for the little ones room (haven't met it yet), pool side furniture, the poolhouse feature mirror, a BBQ... and of course some greenery in pots for around the pool, and up the sides at the front (we're planning rows of pencil pines on each side of the house). The door stops are all a work in progress so you'll find most doors have towels rolled up behind them. There are various pieces of furniture lined up in the garage, at various stages of their paint jobs.

So as you can see, there is still so much to be done. We're getting there slowly... but enjoying each little progress step as it comes.

Ahh..... here's my morning coffee. I have him well trained! Have a great day!
A-M xx

Sunday, September 20, 2009

No Words.......

... can really describe this! HERE.
Steve, you are the man.
Happy Sunday night!
A-M xx

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Birthday Boys

Happy Birthday little monkey! xxx Mummy

It's my youngest's 7th birthday today. We're off to a water theme park for some family fun. Here he is, just last week, keeping us entertained while we were having our morning coffee.

A-M and Roh - 1972

It's also my brother's 40th birthday today too! Here he is, tolerating his bossy older sister on her first day at school, circa 1972. Happy Birthday Roh! A-M xx
PS. He still has that teddy - it's festering!
PPS. OMG, I just noticed, my son today looks like me circa 1972!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Some Holidays

Image Courtesy Sentiments Jewellery - Etsy

My boys have finished school for the term and start their holidays today. Yay! We must be the only family NOT going away on holidays. We are going to revel in the absence of tradespeople and warm up the pool for summer. I'm also going to get my boys painting the back block walls and fences and accompanying me to the rubbish tip... sounds like fun? It will be. It's all in the way you present the task. The fence job is going to start out as a 'stick man painting competition' before I roller over it all! Ahhhh.... bribery and corruption....... love it! A-M xx

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Super Pretty

Image Courtesy Simon Bevan

Isn't this the prettiest laundry!... right down to the matching peg bag and ironing board cover. Oh and I love the little hint of wallpaper off to the right! A-M xx

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Peas Please

It is with great pleasure that I announce, here at 'The House', that Australia's Leading Dietitian, Kate Di Prima (and A-M's best friend and bridesmaid) has launched her latest book, 'More Peas Please'.

This is the first book, in Australia, to look at not only solutions for fussy eaters and ways to help children learn to eat a wonderful variety of foods, but the relationships between learning to chew, swallow, learning to talk and poor appetite and fussy eating habits. There are also loads of easy, fuss-free recipes for delicious, family-friendly meals and to top it all off, it's a great read!

When Kate is not appearing on 'Sunrise', A Current Affair' and the evening news (.... look boys, it's 'Auntie Kate'), writing for 'Practical Parenting', 'Prevention' magazine, 'New Idea' and 'Woman's Day' ... and attending her very busy private practice, here in Brisbane, she can be found occasionally at my kitchen bench, catching her breath!!!.... over a cup of tea.

Kate has a wonderful sense of humour, which you will pick up in her book, and a great passion for the concept of healthy eating as a family.... one meal for all. Kate has a bloggy blog, HERE, and a website, HERE, and would love to hear from you....... the challenges you face feeding your children, your feedback and ideas and of course feedback on her new book.

Please visit my darling friend, 'Miss Kate' and say Hi from 'Miss Annie'.... that would be me!
A-M xx

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Image Courtesy Traditional Home

Look at this gorgeous room, in a home on New York's Long Island. It looks so cosy, the hideout of someone quite musical perhaps..... if the music stand is actually used and not just a prop. I am on the lookout for a similar music stand for my Great Room, to stand next to the piano. I have one very tragic rusty music stand that is about 35 years old - true. It doesn't even really stand up now ... just sort of sits there very pathetically, on a lean, clutching at the music with it's one remaining arm. The music usually ends up being propped up on my recipe stand when the music stand misbehaves and leans too far. Rather frustrating. If anyone knows where I could find something similar to this beauty pictured, please let me know! Have a great day!
A-M xx

PS. Don't you love the matching cushions and ottoman - so very WASP!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Nook

A Sunday afternoon purchase........... with pictures of my late Grandparents, 'Mavis'' and 'Hugh', in the background.

I spent a special afternoon with my youngest one yesterday, while hubby was winding things up at the fair (which was a great success by the way!). We went to the movies, ate sushi and purchased this pretty little jar in a shop, where my little one fell in love with the dear lady who served us. She was a very glamorous, well spoken lady, of 'grandma age', who just loved my little boy and hung off every word he said. She was mesmerised by his tooth extraction story, listened to his soccer star stories, stroked his hair, called him precious and darling and said she would give her right arm to have a little grandson just like him. BIG MISTAKE. "Can she be my Grandma Mum? Why can't she be my Grandma. She loves me. Can we go back and give her our number?" He was still rabbiting on about her last night, when hubby came home, and even shed a tear because he couldn't understand why he would never see her again and why she couldn't be his Grandma. For the record, he has a Grandma..... but I suppose a little one can never have too many adoring fans. This parenting stuff... it hurts sometimes. These little moments make your heart just want to burst! I want to remember them.... so I blog 'em.
Happy Monday!
A-M xx

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Over And Out


Signing off for the week. Hubby's away. A bit rushed. Getting everything ready to exhibit at the Franchising Expo on the weekend... so lots of running around to do. Come visit, if you have absolutely nothing to do on this upcoming beautiful, sunny Spring weekend. I'll be at the 'Dream Deposit' stand (stand A19), drinking coffee! Have a great weekend.
A-M xx

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fun And Games

Image Courtesy Jamin Stinziano

What a day we had yesterday. Once I shooed the painters away, so I could pick up the boys from school, we headed straight to the dentist, for the boys annual checkup.

Little one still hadn't lost one tooth. All his friends have and we are constantly nodding 'yes' (bad, naughty lying parents) to his constant questions, "is this one wobbly?" Well, a big tooth had grown behind one of his little bottom teeth and the little baby tooth had to come out, as it was never going to come out on it's own (I did not know that the big teeth have to come up under the baby ones and snap their roots in order for them to become wobbly - lessons in wobbliness!).

"Now?...... can you make it wobbly now?", little one asked. Dentist looked at me, me at her and we agreed, lets do this while the mood is good.

He didn't even flinch. Wasn't even aware there was a needle, as the word was never mentioned. While the needle pump was working it's magic, he put his little hand up. Everything stopped and he asked, "is it wobbly yet?"

Big brother stood right next to the dentist and watched everything. "I need to watch this, as I am going to be a cardio-thoracic surgeon"..... even the pliers bit. Crack!

I sat in the corner and played with the finger puppets in the toy box. I was a mess.

Big tooth has already moved forward and 'little one' is $3 richer.
A-M xx

View from Playroom at frame stage

Playroom (4th bedroom) - Before


Could only photograph the window that day. The rest of the floor was COVERED in Lego Bionicles. I almost broke my ankle on one. Still have to furnish this room. A challenge, as the boys just love to spread out here with all their toys. I think we might go with a corner armchair and ottoman, a media unit and TV and just more giant floor cushions. Currently, there is a desk in one corner where little one sits 'to work' while big one is 'electric guitaring' in the other corner.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We Have A Winner - Or Two

Image Courtesy Sandra Lane

We have a winner for my 'Spring Giveaway', well 2 winners actually - there were fights over the barrel draw - so we have 2 winners to keep the peace and to engender a sense of generosity in 'The House'. Sorry no photos of the barrel draw (you will just have to trust me on this one) as my camera battery will just not charge. Eek, I am without a camera for the first time in years.

Anyway, a round of applause please, for:

'Julie@BeingRuby' (congratulations Julie/Miss Ruby) and 'Andrea' (the boys couldn't believe it when they pulled your name out Andrea!). FYI, I met Andrea and her friend Will, travellers from Canada, one afternoon, down at the Manly foreshore here in Brisbane, last year. Hubby and the boys were engrossed in their fishing tasks and I had just arrived back with the fish and chips (I knew they would not catch anything). I had a lovely long chat with Andrea and Will and we exchanged blog links. Now I take great delight in my long distance bloggy friendships with both Andrea and Will. So Andrea, a little bit of Brissie Spring is now heading your way.

Julie and Andrea will each receive a gorgeous Urban Rituelle Jasmine and Tuberose Bath and Shower Foam and Soap, from my shoppe. Girls, email me with your addresses and I will send them out with today's orders!

Speaking of orders and general business, I have lots to do, including having a shower before Painter No 3 arrives and pops his head up when I am wrapped in a towel! Have had plenty of similar moments in the 4 months we have lived here... living with tradespeople.. an interesting experience!

I will be back this afternoon with some more 'Before and After' shots!
Have a great day!

Monday, September 7, 2009

'Before and After' Week

... one year ago! September 2008.

September 2009. We've come a long way.

Not too much is happening on the house at present, apart from daily work and living, (oh and of course, painting 'touch ups') so for those of you who haven't been with me since the beginning of this project, I thought you might enjoy some 'before and after' photos this week.

Painter No. 3 moves inside this week (more dropsheets) so I am house bound ('house protector') once again.....good excuse to catch up on paper work. Yep, swallowed by 'The House'.... again.

Thank you for all your lovely birthday wishes for hubby. We had a wonderful weekend enjoying our little family and even roped in a babysitter so we could enjoy a night out together. Ended up talking about our boys for 3 hours over dinner! We're incurable.
Have a great week!
A-M xx

P.S. Slight technical delay with 'Spring Giveaway Draw' - waiting for camera battery to recharge in order to photograph barrel boys!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Image Courtesy Sandra Lane

...she's back! Mel's back. I so hate it when they go away.
Do you hear me Karey?

A-M xx

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fabulous At 40

Happy 40th Birthday to my sweet husband today. You are, and always will be, my most 'favourite-est' person in the world. Me and the kids, we're waggin' school today, so lets have a great day together!....starting with some presents!... and then some pancakes, a swim and then our favourite Japanese restaurant. Actually, I will start it all off by waking you all up first!
A-M xx

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Laundry Labour

Image Courtesy Canadian House and Home

Isn't this a gorgeous laundry!... the beautiful blue, the flowers, I spy some rattan (addicted to the stuff) oh look, there's another floor runner (I'm seeing them everywhere now!)......... and what a great idea - a coat rack in a laundry. If I didn't have tiles, right up to the cabinets in my laundry, I'd steal that idea!

I must say, I am enjoying my laundry. Having space to sort and fold does keep one more organised... and I have big son well trained. "When you see that pretty basket, full of folded clothes, that's your cue, to take it upstairs and put it all away". So when he walks past the laundry, I scream out "basket?" .... and he dutifully trots upstairs with it... just like the Pavlov's dog experiments... easy!

Don't forget to enter my Spring Giveaway (previous post)... my boys are cutting up all the names, for the draw on the weekend. I sound like a bit of a 'taskmaster', don't I? Their future wives will thank me for all their training! A-M xx

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spring Giveaway

Image Courtesy DIY Ideas

It's September the 1st, the first day of Spring!........ so to celebrate, I am having a Spring Giveaway here at 'The House'. I have the most divine bottle of 'Urban Rituelle Jasmine and Tuberose Bath and Shower Foam' and a 'Urban Rituelle Jasmine and Tuberose Shea Butter Soap', from 'my shoppe', to give away to one 'lovely' who leaves a comment on this post. I am totally addicted to this fragrance and when I am not burning it in candle form, I am wafting around in a haze of jasmine, after OD'ing on it in the shower! You too can smell like me!
Hope you enjoy it too. Will draw the winner next Monday.
A-M xx