Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fun And Games

Image Courtesy Jamin Stinziano

What a day we had yesterday. Once I shooed the painters away, so I could pick up the boys from school, we headed straight to the dentist, for the boys annual checkup.

Little one still hadn't lost one tooth. All his friends have and we are constantly nodding 'yes' (bad, naughty lying parents) to his constant questions, "is this one wobbly?" Well, a big tooth had grown behind one of his little bottom teeth and the little baby tooth had to come out, as it was never going to come out on it's own (I did not know that the big teeth have to come up under the baby ones and snap their roots in order for them to become wobbly - lessons in wobbliness!).

"Now?...... can you make it wobbly now?", little one asked. Dentist looked at me, me at her and we agreed, lets do this while the mood is good.

He didn't even flinch. Wasn't even aware there was a needle, as the word was never mentioned. While the needle pump was working it's magic, he put his little hand up. Everything stopped and he asked, "is it wobbly yet?"

Big brother stood right next to the dentist and watched everything. "I need to watch this, as I am going to be a cardio-thoracic surgeon"..... even the pliers bit. Crack!

I sat in the corner and played with the finger puppets in the toy box. I was a mess.

Big tooth has already moved forward and 'little one' is $3 richer.
A-M xx

View from Playroom at frame stage

Playroom (4th bedroom) - Before


Could only photograph the window that day. The rest of the floor was COVERED in Lego Bionicles. I almost broke my ankle on one. Still have to furnish this room. A challenge, as the boys just love to spread out here with all their toys. I think we might go with a corner armchair and ottoman, a media unit and TV and just more giant floor cushions. Currently, there is a desk in one corner where little one sits 'to work' while big one is 'electric guitaring' in the other corner.


  1. I would of been in the corner with the finger puppets too. Well the tooth fairy has had a wage increase! At least someone getting one! hehe Have fun x Julie

  2. I love that Big One knows what he wants to be an jumps right in with gusto!

  3. The stories of the first lost tooth are always so fun! I love it.

  4. love reading your Boys Own Adventures.

    How wise to avoid the needle word, and how heroic is your little one.

    'Cardio-thoracic surgeon' - amazing. I have grand daughter wants to be marine biologist. How do they know this stuff?

  5. A-M,
    I so know what you were going through with the wobbly tooth stress. My little one (who is now 6 and a half) makes me wobble her only wobbly tooth every day and give it a wobbly rating from 1 to 10. Only problem is that I think it has months to go and I am alreay up to 7 and a half. Only good thing is that her aunt told her if you go to bed early they get wobbly faster. She is first in bed every night, bless her!


  6. Love the transformation of the play room! :)

    Thanks for sharing the story about the dentist. It is too cute how inquisitive, fearless and anxious both of your boys were.

  7. Bless him, what a great memory. Loving the bay window seat. Wonderful!

  8. Lord - lessons in wobbliness indeed. I never new about that big tooth pushing out little tooth business. I am glad I am not the only naughty lying parent who tells her child yes yes I can definitely feel the wobbliness when it is clearly fixed in its little hole. Isn't it amazing how brave little children are?


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