Tuesday, September 22, 2009

House Update

Fence Friends.
My boys have made friends with some children who's house backs onto the side of our house. They have a code... when my boys hear them jumping on their trampoline, that's the sign for them to grab the stool (little one is too small to see over the fence) and have a chat. Helps that the girl is big ones age and the boy is little ones age!

Well the school holidays are in full swing. Our lawn, up the back, is fully established now so my boys spend most of their days swinging a cricket bat or kicking a soccer ball. They jump in the pool when it all gets too hot and then head back up to the lawn when they've cooled off. They occasionally come in to be fed.

I can officially say now that the 'garden plan' is working a treat and is very practical and livable! We agonised over where to cut the block and how large we should make the lawn area. I am so pleased that we were generous with the lawn area as never have my boys been so joyous and carefree. Boys + lawn + ball = joy.

Hubby is making good use of our wonderful office. He had back to back appointments in it all day yesterday so I did the 1950's housewife thing and trotted around with trays of tea and biscuits for his clients.

I am just summoning up the energy to finish it all off now. We are still waiting on: furniture for the Great Room, framing of prints, a bedhead and bedsides for the main bedroom, a desk for big son, a media unit and TV for the playroom, new furniture for the little ones room (haven't met it yet), pool side furniture, the poolhouse feature mirror, a BBQ... and of course some greenery in pots for around the pool, and up the sides at the front (we're planning rows of pencil pines on each side of the house). The door stops are all a work in progress so you'll find most doors have towels rolled up behind them. There are various pieces of furniture lined up in the garage, at various stages of their paint jobs.

So as you can see, there is still so much to be done. We're getting there slowly... but enjoying each little progress step as it comes.

Ahh..... here's my morning coffee. I have him well trained! Have a great day!
A-M xx


  1. Hi A-M arn't school holidays just the best. I too love seeing my kids playing in the yard and having so much fun just being kids.
    How did you get on with the music stand any luck?

  2. HI A-M
    It is so great to hear how happy you are with your beautiful dream house... hopefully all those nasty tradespeople and their disasters are becoming a dim memory.

    And yes maybe we did walk past each other in Venice... although in 1993 I was only there a day.. do you remember seeing a blonde australian jumping up and down like a kid excited and overwhelmed??? That would be me!! haha Have a great week x Julie

  3. A-M, so is your house all set up now? If you would like to just bounce ideas for setting up the house, you're welcome to just drop me a line at Furniture and Design Ideas.


  4. Good morning A-M! Enjoy the gorgeous weather you've been having...I hear Brisbane is lovely right now. I'll be posting some great fall pictures soon, stop by for a visit!
    P.S. - the house looks absolutely amazing

  5. But you are getting there, and that's a very good thing!!
    That photo of the little one on the stool is too cute! What a wonderful childhood you are giving them! Sounds like perfection for those sweet boys!

  6. After all the craziness of construction and unfinished work and uncooperative contractors and bad paint, it is so nice to "hear" the calm in your online voice, even with the unfinished bits, and the wonderful life you all have there now. I think you need to change the name of your blog to The HOME That A-M Built.

  7. Love the photo of the boys looking over the fence. You can just "hear" them talking. Hope you have a great school holiday break with your kids.

  8. hmmm, so really not much on the 'to do' list then?!
    Hope all is well! - new job is keeping me very busy, but best move I ever made xx

  9. I love school holidays and having dreamy fun with the kids. Enjoy

  10. Nice that you are all settleing in sooo cmofortably... ENJOY! Fifi

  11. Hi, a-m!
    I hope your two boys are enjoying school holidays:)Have a great week!!


  12. Hello Lady AM!
    Morn--- hope everything's fine downunder and cool to see the boys are enjoying their new friends.

    Jst peeping in to see how all you doing. Flu strikes at home, so am down with it.

    Hugs... hope you won't catch it from me §;-)


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