Friday, September 25, 2009

It's A Date

Image Courtesy My Vintage Love

My boys are going to spend a few days looking for frogs at their Grandparent's place.

I miss them already. Do you know that feeling? When they haven't even gone but it feels like they have...... because you know it's coming.

I love having them around......sigh..... anyway, hubby and I are going to PARTY..... translation.....stop work now... today..... pack away computers, read the papers, watch a Foxtel movie, get takeaway, paint the Adirondacks, install door stops.

Here's my coffee. Packing up computer NOW!

Have a great weekend!
A-M xx


  1. You need a well deserved holiday break!! It is 8.30 am and I am still in my jammies (and no I'm not a slob - just very relaxed!!!). Doing a bit of baking this morning - scrolls actually (see my blog) and then off to the movies to see G Force. You guessed it - still raining in the Adelaide Hills! A small break from our little ones does us and them the world of good. What's the line - you don't know what you've got until its gone - look out I'm about to break into song.....Kate xox

  2. A-M,
    If you are reading this comment (3 hours after post) then you need to swap your computer for the newspaper, lol. I could swear my computer has invisible tentacles that render me powerless over it's lure!
    The boys are lucky to be able to spend time with their Grandparents. Both sets of ours live overseas or interstate :o(

  3. Thanks AM, you too! Have a great date weekend with Mr. AM!

  4. That sounds fantastic, have fun!

  5. How lovely! enjoy your time together!

  6. That's fun for the boys and of course you'll miss them already. That's just a feeling of a mum. Sometimes we have to let them go, coz sooner or later they will anyway. I know exactly how you feel, Lady? It'll going worsen coming days & years come. At first, I felt my heart stop when my eldest son told me, he's moving with his gf. Tooks so many months to accept it. Now that kids are growing, this is the time for us parents to take it easy, enjoy the time and be ourselves again. But don't forget whatever happen although kids had moved still our responsiblity as parents stays.

    Now, Mr. & Mrs. A-M go and enjoy your free time. It's a kinda cool too, without the kids. Be yourselves.

    Cheers for both and have a happy and blessed week-end.

  7. Have the BEST weekend sans infants-By Order of Miss Millie!
    M ^_^

  8. You too A-M ....Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

  9. Have a wonderful weekend A-M
    Rest relax and no cleaning!! xx Julie

  10. Isn't it funny that the time without them is so special and so good for our marriage, and yet, the moment those little monkeys leave, we miss them?!? It is craziness, really~
    I hope you had a fantastic weekend,


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